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  1. longbedGTs

    fuel requirements for 800hp

    I'm laying out a new fuel system for the new to me motor. Its a forged and girdled 109 running on pump gas w/alky, 8.7cr, 216/219 roller cam, cnc series GN1 iron head, 6466BB precision turbo, 124lb injectors, and TR6 ignition. I've gotten a lot of info from this thread. Fuel system for 800hp I'd...
  2. longbedGTs

    stator support shaft play (video)

    This trans was in a 9 second car and is a stage 2 from Extreme Automatics. Seems like an unusual amount of play, but wanted to see what y'all thought.
  3. longbedGTs

    WTB: '87 Drag GN GMP 1:18

    As the title states, I'm on the lookout for the '87 drag GN 1:18 from GMP. Looking for something around $150 excluding shipping...about half of what the new ones are going for on eBay. Also will only buy from an established member of this site. Not going to get caught up in a scam. Let me know...
  4. longbedGTs

    Home security cameras

    I'm looking for a home security camera system that can be accessed through my phone. There are so many choices that I'm not sure which to get. Also, wireless cameras vs hardwired cameras. Which is better? Never had a security system on this level. Do most require some sort of subscription or are...
  5. longbedGTs

    MAF pipe hitting alternator bolt

    Anyone have any ideas on how to keep the MAF pipe away from the alternator bolt? It already rubbed away some metal, but not through thankfully. Currently have it rigged up with a zip tie as seen in the pic. Thinking some sort of metal strap that could attach to that protruding bolt and go around...
  6. longbedGTs

    275/45 Toyo Proxes on GTAs

    Thought I'd post a couple pics back up for future searchers. These are on 16x8 GTA wheels. I'm running a Ford 9" with 12mm hubcentric spacers. Hope these will hold better than the 245/55 Nittos
  7. longbedGTs

    6776 vs. 6262 (my own comparison)

    For discussions sake, this is a short comparison of these turbos from my own experience. Hopefully this will help someone to make a better choice when they're shopping for a turbo. Bigger isn't always better(as I found out). This is on a ported stock head, stock cam motor, otherwise stock...
  8. longbedGTs

    concert sound radio '87 GN

    I'm looking for an EQ radio(concert sound) that will fit an '87 GN. Also needed is the blue plug(of the 3) with enough wires attached to splice into them. This was the only plug the PO cut off...the rest were left alone. Not sure if the mounting brackets are permanently attached to the radio...
  9. longbedGTs

    GTA wheel modding

    I'm thinking about getting the rear GTA wheels widened to 9" and offset changed to -13. That would allow a 275 series tire to fit better(than if it were on an 8" wide wheel) and changing the offset to -13 would allow it to retain the same 4.5" backspacing as the 0 offset wheels did so there'd be...
  10. longbedGTs

    Concert Sound II questions

    Trying to figure out which type of radio my 87 GN came with(EQ radio). It has the concert sound II door panels, but I've seen radios that have very slight differences. Some with silver knobs/buttons/dials...and some that have them in all black. Also have seen some with a silver stripe along the...
  11. longbedGTs

    new window weatherstripping-glass won't seal

    I've replaced both sides with weatherstripping from Kirban. This stuff is thick and doesn't have much give to it. The passengers side seals problems. The drivers side seals well, but only at the front of the glass(A pillar). If I shut the door lightly so it catches the first...
  12. longbedGTs

    PL datalogs showing bad valve springs?

    I've been chasing my tail on a WOT issue where the car will just fall on it's face and won't shift into the next gear. It's mainly on the WOT 1-2 shift, but it sometimes does it when WOT downshifting as well. I suspect it may be weak valve springs in some reading here about the issue. As shown...
  13. longbedGTs

    coolant temp reading-PL or gauge?

    Between the coolant temp in Powerlogger vs the Autometer gauge, there is about a 15 degree difference. Which do you think is more trustworthy? The Autometer gauge/sending unit is of unknown age, FWIW. It's an electric gauge. edit* The reading in powerlogger is the higher one. Gauge shows about...
  14. longbedGTs

    late 1-2 shift at light throttle and none @ WOT

    At mid throttle, all shifts are nice and firm but at light throttle, the 1-2 shift occurs around 2800 which is a neck snapper. The 2-3 and 3-4 shifts are a little late but nothing major. At WOT, it won't go into 2nd gear and will just take a nosedive until I get off the throttle. It has an FTS...
  15. longbedGTs

    driveshaft slip yoke 1350

    I'm having a local shop build a new driveshaft with 1350 size u joints and am looking into the best option for a slip yoke. They suggest chromoly and to use Spicer or Sonnax(that's what they supply if you don't provide one). Is there any benefit of going with a longer insert that will engage...
  16. longbedGTs

    TPS dead spot-which brand?

    I have an original or just aged looking AC Delco on the '87 and it has a dead spot from 3.01v through 4.59v. Goes right from 3.01 to 4.59(but does top out at 4.60v) which is likely in the region of WOT so I'm not sure how much it matters, but nonetheless, it's a dead spot. Don't even see the...
  17. longbedGTs

    idle slowly goes full lean

    I've got an issue I can't figure out. After idling for a few minutes, the AFR will slowly go lean until it reaches -- on the AEM gauge and is showing 18.5 in the PL. Fuel pressure isn't dropping when it does this, and I've adjusted the IAC and TPS to read where they should. There's a MAF...
  18. longbedGTs

    spare tires & jack w/lugwrench

    I'm looking for 2 factory spares(or 1). Size 155/80/16. Also 1 factory jack w/lugwrench. Thanks.
  19. longbedGTs

    TCC plug deleted?

    The trans has been rebuilt at some point and I can't understand why someone wouldn't reinstall the TCC lockup switch in the side of the trans. The wiring was zip tied to the prop valve area and the plug itself is gone...being replaced by what looks like a brass freeze plug sort of thing. Why...
  20. longbedGTs

    Buick vs Mopar 1987 Pure Stock Drags

    Thought it was neat to see "new" Grand Nationals drag racing...except the first one might have been a Turbo T or WE4(not GN as the announcer says)