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  1. jckcolarusso

    Long rod stroker piston

    6 used 3.830 Wiseco long rod stroker pistons with support rails and pins 250 shipped
  2. jckcolarusso

    Rjc head gaskets

    rjc headgasket kit 100.00 shipped
  3. jckcolarusso

    Ta flat tappet cam valve springs

    Hi guys I have a set of ta performance stage1 valve springs part# 1436 60 dollars shipped
  4. jckcolarusso

    Champion off center in take

    Champion off center intake 800.00
  5. jckcolarusso

    Champion a/c delete

    Used Champion a/c delete 200.00 b/o plus shipping
  6. jckcolarusso

    Exhaust housing

    I have a precision A/R 4 bolt 96 houseing brand new 300 shipped or best offer
  7. jckcolarusso

    JE pistons

    6 used Je pistons and brand new rings with used pins they have low run time I measured one piston it was 3.825 so they r for a 30 over bore 600 shipped
  8. jckcolarusso

    Classic fast ?

    I have a classic fast it is logging for only 3.5 seconds what do I have to do to get it to extend the logging time
  9. jckcolarusso

    Champion iron head

    I have one used iron champion head Price 350 plus ship there r 3 missing valves the others 3 should be good but I'm not sure it's a good core with no cracks
  10. jckcolarusso

    Jessel roller rockers

    in search of Jessel roller rockers for m@a heads
  11. jckcolarusso

    10.3 pass

    Sunday went Ned to test my street car took off on 14 pounds and 25 psi
  12. jckcolarusso

    10.6 pass

    Friday night went to New England dragway in my street car
  13. jckcolarusso

    T&d 1.65

    I have a good used set of t&d1.65 roller rockers and a set of beehive springs with retainers springs r used 280.00 shipped for the rockers and 120.00 for the springs
  14. jckcolarusso

    153 block

    153 block brand new with sonic sheet the price is 3400 no trades
  15. jckcolarusso

    Pax 1201x

    pac 1201x springs pretty much band new I paid 240 for them 160.00 shipped
  16. jckcolarusso

    T&d roller rocker 1.55

    I have 6 t&d 1.55 rocker body's there just about new i paid 300.00 I will sell for 250.00 shipped
  17. jckcolarusso

    Down pipe and turbo

    I have a used terry dowpipie the price is 350 shipped and I have a67/65 percision turbo 325 shipped the turbo is in goof shape
  18. jckcolarusso

    Internal balancer

    Looking for a ati or Bhj internal balancer asap
  19. jckcolarusso

    Rjc oil pan

    I have a brand new 14 bolt oil pan comes with new duttwiler thick gasket and drain bolt 230.00 plus shipping
  20. jckcolarusso


    any one need a down pipe 350.00 to your door