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  1. jckcolarusso

    Intermittingly runs choppy.

    With No data it will not be easy to figure out
  2. jckcolarusso

    Nitride 109 Block

  3. jckcolarusso

    FS: Alky control Alky Kit

    It says asking 400
  4. jckcolarusso

    Belltech Spindles, Control Arms, Many Excellent Interior Trim Pieces & More Parts !!

    I’ll take the power seat trim that’s holds the switch
  5. jckcolarusso


    Stock ?
  6. jckcolarusso

    Rough idle/part load. HELPPPP

    Smoke test would be smart listen to pronto
  7. jckcolarusso

    T&D rocker arm adjustment

    It’s not the lifters
  8. jckcolarusso

    T&D rocker arm adjustment

    Valve stem heights are not consistent
  9. jckcolarusso

    Rough idle/part load. HELPPPP

    Drivers side header cracked ?
  10. jckcolarusso

    80lb street chip 5.7

    Hellow I have a 5.7 turbo tweak gas chip 93 octane and I have a race chip if you still interested contact me @ 781 760 4131
  11. jckcolarusso

    parts for sale

    The lifters look like moral not comp
  12. jckcolarusso

    Cutting out or stumble

    some data would help do you have a scan tool ?
  13. jckcolarusso

    109 Complete Block

  14. jckcolarusso

    Bearing Clerance

    Back to the bearing clearance .015 will work
  15. jckcolarusso

    Long rod stroker piston

    6 used 3.830 Wiseco long rod stroker pistons with support rails and pins 250 shipped
  16. jckcolarusso

    Comp 212/212 hydraulic roller cam

    Cam card ?
  17. jckcolarusso

    Engine Breaking up around 4500 rpm

    Check cam sensor pull the cap and make sure the relutor ring did not move there’s a tab that breaks off and it will cause problems
  18. jckcolarusso

    XFI and XIM for Sale

    The xim box is for the coil on plugs
  19. jckcolarusso

    I need help with oil pump clearance

    send to earl and have it blueprinted you will better off there is machine work that has to be done so don’t run your self around the block