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  1. J

    October weather

    Hello, youz people of the area. This Oct. weather is unreal. I hope everyone is getting to enjoy it. IBBY
  2. J

    rain x

    hello people: I like the stuff but I went to buy it at a local Napa and all they had was a 2 in 1 type. It's supposed to clean and treat your glass. I would have preferred the original but I hope they did not mess up the recipe. IBBY
  3. J


    hello people: I just came across a post showing as it says. 1987 Buick TurboT WE4 package with AstroRoof 1 of 1547 lightweights built. Is there such a thing as an LW? IBBY
  4. J

    mobile phones

    hello people: What do youz guys think of android phones? I'm getting one and others say they're not user-friendly? Any words? IBBY
  5. J


    hello people: Do any of youz guys use one? I might be needing one and I don't know anything about them. Any suggestions? IBBY
  6. J

    hell national

    hello people: I just seen a thing on the net and it looks like a modified GN but has alot of Hellcat in it. find it. IBBY
  7. J

    what do youz think

    hellp people: After driving about an hour my 86T wants to stop running coming to a stop. I'm getting in the habit of being prepared for it to die and I'll be ready with the gas podal to keep it runnin. I have not done a gas filter in a while but I'm sure that's not an issue. My gas gage is...
  8. J

    belt tensioner

    hello people: Any of youz guys buy one lately? Just curious as I believe I need one? There prices are all over the place. IBBY
  9. J

    kirbans #7938 front brake kit

    hello peoples: Any of youz guys gave em a shot? From what the add says his rotors are 11.6" dia. and stock is 10" correct? IBBY
  10. J

    how's your gasket

    hello peoples: Is there a gasket between the master cylinder and the hydro boost? I've read there is and some say not. While I have the MC out I found moisture got in behind the MC and the HB showing signs of rust or a discolored look as if moisture got in there. The MC did not come with a...
  11. J

    power steering pump w'hydro boost

    hello people: Tell me how many of youz that converted to HB did any thing to there PS pump? I have everything out of the car now and now's the time to do anything to it. I did drive it before my hose issue and it does make a bit of noise when I use the steering. Not bad but there is...
  12. J

    white lettered tires

    hello people: I've been seeing alot of them out there lately on foreign cars mostly. I had them them once but not on my 86T. I have not seen many on TB. For now I like em... IBBY
  13. J

    molded power steering hose

    hello people: I've been messing with my hydro boost too long but I put my MPSH on today. What was there I believe was a straight hose that looked like it was formed from age. It was deformed at one bend restricting the flow. Any of that is bad but does it make any difference in PS who knows...
  14. J

    take out drinks

    hello people: I believe I heard there stopping it next week? I don't know why? I think it's a good idea. I do it when I get chinese food and a mai tai to go. You can't just get a drink you have to buy food. The drink was not cheap but it's a good idea...I think. IBBY
  15. J

    new shop to me

    hello people: Any of youz heard of a shop in Sterling Mass. called Enhance Street Performance? I have not. IBBY
  16. J

    bent rim

    hello people: Anyone have one straightened lately? If so where did you go? I hit a gurb that was newly installed and bent my right rear a bit. I'm not loosing air but now I know it's there I think I want it fixed. IBBY
  17. J


    hello people: I don't know about youz but I think this was the worst year for it. My black and grey 86T was caked with it. It took a while to clean it up now I here for the long weekend it going to rain. Maybe that's a good thing to get rid of it? IBBY
  18. J

    high pressure power steering hose

    hello people: I posted this another way and here's this way. I'd like the p/n for a HPPS hose for a bendix hydo boost. Any help? IBBY
  19. J

    oh that feeling

    hello people; You know that feeling when your power master dies? Well I had it today with my hydro boost. I stressed the line installing to the pump (high pressure) and the hose broke. Power steering fluid everywhere. Lucky I was going straight as I was just doing a twisty road I like. It...
  20. J

    bla bla traffic

    hello people: Around my area (Boston) with the pandemic hope fully ending soon traffic is back. I was out the other day and almost wrecked a few times. People lost, on there phones and driving like dicks . I drive like I do and anything can happen. IBBY