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    Cables for power driver's seat

    87 car, somehow the red and blue cables that drive the rear of seat up and down are broken. Anyone happen to have these, or know where i can get them? Thanks
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    Spoolfool distributors?

    Any spoolfool distributors near Columbus, oh?
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    Wideband question

    Fairly new to all this, so sorry for the noob questions. Was told I need to get a scanmaster, wideband, and a new chip from TT for my 87 T. Got the scanmaster G, now I'm looking at widebands. Is there a specific type I need? I have a buddy at work who says he has an AEM new in the box that...
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    Powertour 2019

    Not sure if this is the place to post, but curious who all is planning on going on the power tour this year? Ill be in Indy for the Wednesday stop. Would like to hook up with some fellow TB owners if youll be there.
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    Motor mounts

    Tips or tricks on changing out motor mounts on one of these cars? Thanks in advance.
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    No hvac fan, smoke from vents

    Hello all, just purchased a T and noticed this morning driving to work that when i turned my hvac on to vent and fan on high, it failed to blow and I could smell/see smoke coming from my vents. Where do I start? Thanks Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
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    Anyone in NY?

    Need someone to have a look at a GN for me. Please hit me up at 765-994-9061 or send me a message. Thanks!
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    Anyone in the area?

    Anyone willing to check out a T-type in Silver City, NV for me? Hit me up. Thanks!
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    Any members in Nevada?

    Anyone willing to look at a car for me? Thanks
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    Anyone in Dallas area?

    Hey guys, new member here, still searching for my first turbo buick. I've found one in the Dallas area and was wondering if anyone would be willing and able to check it out for me. You can contact me through this site or text/call 765-994-9061. Thanks in advance, Derrick
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    Muncie GN craigslist

    Anyone interested in this car let me know. I've seen it firsthand.
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    Hello all. Longtime fan of the turbo buicks. Currently own an 85 regal limited that was our family car growing up. Love the car but she needs a lot of work. Would like to find a turbo buick that's solid, but not a showcar. I stopped and checked one out today. It's definitely a project. Anyone...