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    Covid Vaccine poll - Anonymous

    I had a family member pass away 14 days after 2nd jab. But this is all anecdotal, right? Dr. couldn't explain it, but refused to say it was the jab. Heart was healthy, no sign of stroke or blood clots... I have a huge family, and many, if not all have gotten Covid at this point. Not one...
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    Big Parts List, August 2021, tons of used and New parts

    Do the power seat motors come with the linkage cables?
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    Vac line

    Thanks fellas!
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    Vac line

    Not to hijack your thread, but any tips on how to locate a vacuum leak?
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    Big Parts List, June 2020, tons of used and New parts

    Autometer boost gage mechanical? Can you send pics to if so? Thanks
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    Cables for power driver's seat

    87 car, somehow the red and blue cables that drive the rear of seat up and down are broken. Anyone happen to have these, or know where i can get them? Thanks
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    twisted driver seat

    I think I need to do this. Is there another link that works? Thanks!
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    BoilerDeez stand up member.

    Thanks George. Thanks for the tips and additional info as well. Appreciate the help from a somewhat newbie here.
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    Fuel Pump Kit.

    Is there a certain version of the DW300 that we need to work with stock hangar? Also, where did you find this price at? Thanks
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    Aeromotive 340 Stealth fuel pump, sender, hanger (MI)

    This is E85 compatible, correct?
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    Spoolfool distributors?

    Any spoolfool distributors near Columbus, oh?
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    Wideband question

    AEM wideband installed. Fairly straight forward. Thanks for all the feedback.
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    Scanmaster G help needed

    Following as I'm in almost the exact same position. Just hooked up my scanmaster G and haven't a clue what im looking at! Lol I just need to get to reading up it sounds like...
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    Wideband question

    That's what I figured! AEM 30-0300... Looks like the same one they sell on the TT website. I'll give it a go! Thanks
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    Wideband question

    Fairly new to all this, so sorry for the noob questions. Was told I need to get a scanmaster, wideband, and a new chip from TT for my 87 T. Got the scanmaster G, now I'm looking at widebands. Is there a specific type I need? I have a buddy at work who says he has an AEM new in the box that...
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    Powertour 2019

    Very cool! Ill keep my eye out for ya.
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    Powertour 2019

    What's this wannabe GN you speak of?
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    Powertour 2019

    Black GN... shouldn't be hard to find! Lol.
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    Powertour 2019

    Not sure if this is the place to post, but curious who all is planning on going on the power tour this year? Ill be in Indy for the Wednesday stop. Would like to hook up with some fellow TB owners if youll be there.