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    $12 to $15 hundred if good w posi
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    My car got backed in to this weekend

    That sucks! :(
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    Covid Vaccine poll - Anonymous

    No one thinks that these people actually have some kind of right under the Constitution to force people to wear masks against their will. They’ve seized this power because they can, under the regime of fear that the media has pushed. SHEEP! There is no virus, no virus has been isolated, there...
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    Covid Vaccine poll - Anonymous

    Most 'merkans are conditioned to believe everything that comes over the boob tube. The people who are working to destroy 'merka, know that. They laugh really hard as we have more and more of our rights taken away, and most people don't even know it. So dumbed down they've become. Surely the...
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    Covid Vaccine poll - Anonymous

    I wonder what the vote in this poll would look like if the US government and other powerful entities weren't engaging in coercion and intimidation against US citizens.
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    Disgusting fags...

    The controlled (((media))) always promotes homosexuality because it is one of the two primary ways to break up the family structure. Another way, just as effective, is feminism. The family structure is the key element in the cohesion of free nations.
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    Disgusting fags...

    YUP! :mad:
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    Power Seat

    It's a direct bolt in, to your GN seat and GN (G-body) floor studs. All Buick Park Avenues, those model years have those tracks. Most, not all, both sides.
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    Disgusting fags...

    JUST ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!! Our contemporary culture is molded and shaped by the homosexuality, promiscuity, transsexuality, and transvestism. We truly live in a pervert’s paradise. :mad:
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    Power Seat

    For anyone with a TR with this problem, 87 thru 95 buick Park Av and Olds 98 Regencies at the junkyard for $25
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    I Refuse To Be Arrested

    Yes, there's no doubt -- we know how to act, but the government doesn't care about us. We're not asking but there's no special rights and privileges for us. In fact, our rulers favor the belligerent people and give them every courtesy. We're just suffering from White privilege. We can't seem to...
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    Covid Vaccine poll - Anonymous

    Now there's a question that needs to be answered and the answer spread far and wide among, we, the people. But, that's why there is all this censorship on all information, everywhere today. The culprits were being exposed. It is forbidden to identify the culprits. Yes, who is it that controls...
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    Widest and tallest tire on 18x9

    Great! I'll assume you have longer lug studs installed. :D
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    Tilt Steering Column Repair/Tightening

    More info here: G-Body Loose Tilt Steering Column Repair...Fix it right...
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    Covid Vaccine poll - Anonymous

    But, just criticizing the DIMocrats leaves the do-nothing RepubliCANTs off the hook. Republicans / conservatives do absolutely nothing for the people who voted for them want. Conservatives have been losing and retreating so rapidly for the last 50 years that they have completely lost sight of...
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    Covid Vaccine poll - Anonymous

    Massachusetts: 40% of Coronavirus Cases are Vaccinated People
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    Covid Vaccine poll - Anonymous

    I'm looking at the score here hovering about 50/50 with the vaxxers holding a slight edge right now. Does it bother those of you that have voted against the vax to understand that the US gov views you as anti-government extremists simply because you believe in the tenets of the US Constitution...
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    3rd to 2nd Downshift Clunk - What Causes This?

    I'll second that! :D The mentioned spring: Super Hold Servo Kit - K65703
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    ENGINE BAY PICS: Jaw Droppers

    Here's my 87 ....