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  1. Mark T-TB

    East Coast Buick Regional / MAGNA Car Show - Cecil County Dragway 9/11/2021

    Here is the link to Jay's video on YouTube from the event:
  2. Mark T-TB

    East Coast Buick Regional / MAGNA Car Show - Cecil County Dragway 9/11/2021

    We had perfect weather and a great turnout for this event... a big Buick Car Show and lots of racing (Buicks plus others) If you can't see all of the activity/pix on facebook, here is a link to an article (with photos) on Hemmings from a first-time attendee...
  3. Mark T-TB

    East Coast Buick Regional / MAGNA Car Show - Cecil County Dragway 9/11/2021

    I don't know for sure, but I don't think it matters if you belong to any of the Clubs. I doubt that anyone with specific knowledge will check this thread... You could call John or Jim (#s on flyer) if you want to check.
  4. Mark T-TB

    Old Buick putting in work

    cool history - thanks for posting
  5. Mark T-TB

    2021 Season is here!

    Whoa! That is cooking :cool: Congrats! I'll bet going that fast with a nearly 2-ton brick is "quite the rush", having it stable must help. Keeping it cool does not seem to have been an easy road... and the brakes must be fantastic as well.
  6. Mark T-TB

    East Coast Buick Regional / MAGNA Car Show - Cecil County Dragway 9/11/2021

    (Copied from the MAGNA Facebook page) We are back! This is a ONE day event only so don't miss it. There is NO rain date! Mark those calendars and get those Buick's ready for the event we have all been waiting for! The 2021 East Coast Buick Regionals, MAGNA car display, and Buick race! Gates open...
  7. Mark T-TB

    July 17, 2021 - MAGNA evening meet

    ^^^ weather was not good this year, looked like just a few cars... hopefully another great gathering next July :cool:
  8. Mark T-TB

    July 17, 2021 - MAGNA evening meet

    It's the heat of the summer - time for the July "evening" meet. Jim C. posted this on the MAGNA facebook page: Beat the heat!! July's MAGNA monthly meet and get together is an evening meet starts at 7PM till as we try to not bake in a hot parking lot. So come on out for an evening meet for some...
  9. Mark T-TB

    June MAGNA Meet 6/27/2021

    [copied from the MAGNA Facebook page] "Let bring those Buick’s out this month come join us on a Sunday afternoon June 27th at McKenzies Brew House. Come sit outside on their great deck and enjoy some really great food. Try their craft made beers and more importantly get an excuse to bring your...
  10. Mark T-TB

    Vacuum vs Manual brakes

    (FWIW) My "little green car" came from the factory (U.K.) with vacuum/power brakes. When I got the car it did not have the booster... just a very "firm" pedal. I drove it that way for a lot of years. Later I changed to a different master cylinder - for less pedal effort - and am pleased with the...
  11. Mark T-TB

    Turbo 3.8 into '93 Buick Roadmaster wagon

    Seems like most states have cars over 25 years old as "exempt" from emissions? Maybe do some searching around... I hate to count on my memory - but I think that swap has been done a couple of times into Roadmasters. Jim Dunn (Buick Turbo Performance) did one - maybe that is the same one that...
  12. Mark T-TB

    MAGNA Buick BBQ - MD - Sat May 29, 2021 - Noon

    (copied from facebook) Kick of the Memorial Day weekend with a MAGNA Buick BBQ! Emilio has graciously offered to host us again and will be grilling up delicious burgers and hotdogs . 2 Eagleaire Way, North East MD 21901-5202 Emilio adds, "I would like to ask anyone planning to attend to...
  13. Mark T-TB

    Garage Lighting?

    +1. LEDs for the win. I've switched most of my garage/barn lighting to those as well. Also they work fine if it ever gets cold in the garage (especially vs fluorescent) You can find everything from those screw-in "deformable" units to $20 Harbor Freight 4-ft lights, on up big $$ types and many...
  14. Mark T-TB

    April 2021 monthly MAGNA meet - Sunday 4/25

    Copied from the MAGNA Facebook page: "Monthly get together 302 style. Haven't been to this location in a bit so its time. Just off I-95 so its easy to find. Be mindful of the C word and masks etc. Plenty of parking and probably patio seating as well. This is a rain or shine Buick optional event...
  15. Mark T-TB

    MAGNA meet - March 28, 2021

    Copied from the Facebook page: March MAGNA get together monthly meet at a MAGNA staple location Red Robin yummmm....Come on out and shake off the winter cold with some turbo Buick chat while enjoying a Red Robin burger. This meet (as is all of our meets) a sun, rain, or snow event. Bring out the...
  16. Mark T-TB

    Opinions Wanted. New(ish) Ride being considered

    Sweeeeeet!! That white diamond (or whatever name applied to that car) is my favorite :cool:
  17. Mark T-TB

    2021 Season is here!

    ^^^ and that engine with nearly 1/4 million miles could take the 40# of boost??? :oops: :oops: :rolleyes: :unsure:
  18. Mark T-TB

    2021 Season is here!

    Good luck this season - with both cars. Looks like you've been busy :cool: :oops: Hey... my garage has a black turbo V6 car near a white turbo V6 car too :unsure:
  19. Mark T-TB

    Opinions Wanted. New(ish) Ride being considered

    fwiw - I've always said that if it makes a lot of noise and goes fast - I probably like it :rolleyes: ) It doesn't seem like you are asking for suggestions... but shouldn't you be able to find a variety/selections of Gen 5 or 6 Camaro SS examples around? There would be your bullet-proof LS...
  20. Mark T-TB

    Opinions Wanted. New(ish) Ride being considered

    Yeah - and that sound too! "I don't know what the world may need, but a V-8 engine's a good start for me" :cool: (from a song by the band "Cracker")