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  1. humberto

    9 second street GN, no expense spared

    do you have pics?
  2. humberto

    hey please send me more pics

    hey please send me more pics
  3. humberto

    86 T-Top Stage1

    Can you post some more pics?I really think this will help.
  4. humberto

    1986 Buick Grand National for SALE!

    smells fishy
  5. humberto

    1986 Buick Grand National for SALE!

    wow nice add must of took you a whole 3 min:rolleyes:
  6. humberto

    87 GN in So Cal Need opinions

    If its as clean as it looks in person to me its worth closer to 20000.Its really hard to find a clean gn.16000 your on glue
  7. humberto

    87 BLACK-CHROME TTYPE California

    How do you post a car for sale with no pics?Please need some pics.
  8. humberto

    87 G/n 52xxx

    Nice car might want to put the original emblems on?
  9. humberto

    Dhauser, moderator strikes again

    I agree 100 percent that was an amazing post just sold my 86 for $20,000 waited a little longer but got what i thought the car was worth good job slowcar.
  10. humberto

    1987 Buick Grand National only 13,700 miles Original!

    Hey Mike im shooting for sun morning to check out the car i will call you tomorrow.
  11. humberto

    87 G/n 52xxx

    post some pics for us
  12. humberto

    71 Chevelle 4 A NICE T TYPE

  13. humberto

    87 GN nicest car on here

    Very nice
  14. humberto

    I want to see some pics of GN's with girls!

    All i can see are kitty cats.
  15. humberto

    I want to see some pics of GN's with girls!

    Please,please send to Thanks
  16. humberto

    smc questions

  17. humberto

    smc questions

  18. humberto

    smc questions

    Hey guys anyone know what drill bit size to drill on my up pipe for the smc jet?Just got a new one for new piping.How many inches away from the throttle body do they recom to drill on pipe?Last question the inside part of jet is sealed with the rubber round gasket but there is nothing for the...
  19. humberto


    Thanks i think i will call Mike.