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  1. gsgnnut

    Ran the gauntlet

    Had a hairy situation sun night. Coming home from dinner at mil's house cat flange disintegrated on my 03 regal gs dropping exhaust pipe in the street. Lucky I had a light and a coat hanger to tie up the pipes but now gs is as loud as an open headered dragster and if that's not enough I had a...
  2. gsgnnut

    Fuel pump for mostly stock 87 gn?

    Hey everyone, I need to replace the tired original fuel pump on my 87 gn and thought I'd ask for suggestions for my set up. Its a mostly original stocker with the tt 5.7 chip , translator and ls1 maf. 43 psi fuel regulator, adj boost actuator and scan master. I have no plans to race it , its...
  3. gsgnnut

    Need some ideas on cause of ping/detonation under boost.

    Got a mostly original 87 gn. 76k miles , tt 5.7 chip adjustable waste gate k &n a/f , scanmaster . under spirited acceleration car starts to audibly "ping" / detonation at about 10 pounds boost. I use only 93 /94 octane fuel. Maf is Newer but original style. I have a translater and new...
  4. gsgnnut

    Column problem?

    Maddening ignition problem. Ideas welcomed. Occasionally when turning the key to start the car it just clicks. Repeat a few times and it starts normal. I was sure it was a tired solenoid so replaced starter. Nope still occasionally clicks. Thought 6 yo battery might be done. New battery fully...
  5. gsgnnut

    Wtb Scanmaster and translator

    Looking for scan master 2.1 and a tranlator and a ls1 . I Figured I'd check here before buying new. Let me know what you got thanks. Send a pm to gsgnnut.
  6. gsgnnut

    code 44 madness

    Had to walk away from the GN again. 99% of my problem is I don't have a scan master so I'm limited in diagnostic technology . I Have a code reader and am getting an occasional 44 lean code that is driving me nuts. Ive checked everything, TPS values, no vac leaks, new plugs, new wires,new ISC...
  7. gsgnnut

    code 44 madness

    Ive been fighting with a code 44 poor idle issue on my 87 now for quite some time. maybe this will help someone else .granted if I had a scan tool I might have figured it out a whole lot sooner but nonetheless I finally figured it out. Went through every diagnostic for a lean idle condition...
  8. gsgnnut

    obd diagnostics questions

    I could use some help with setting up a computer interface with my 87 GN. Ive done some homework and It seems that if you have a laptop, an ALDL connector cable and software, in theory you should be get access to all the diagnostic variables to properly tune and diagnose problems. I got a...
  9. gsgnnut

    Remanufactured MAF question

    I just received a remanufactured ac delco MAF from rock auto for my 87 GN. The electrical connector is parallel to the airflow and the original is at a right angle. Just wanted to find out if anybody knows if this makes any difference from a functionality standpoint. Everything else about it...