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  1. humberto

    smc questions

    Hey guys anyone know what drill bit size to drill on my up pipe for the smc jet?Just got a new one for new piping.How many inches away from the throttle body do they recom to drill on pipe?Last question the inside part of jet is sealed with the rubber round gasket but there is nothing for the...
  2. humberto


    Hey guys anyone know if they are having problems with website?Cant seem to log on??
  3. humberto

    running hot

    Hey guys i just installed a big boy ft mount intercooler from Gn1 performance,but now im running hot?Just installed a new f body camaro aluminum rad but still hot,need help.Whats would be a good choice for dual fans?Thanks for any feedback.
  4. humberto

    hissing noise from brakes

    Hey guys i hear a hissing noise sometimes from my brakes?When i touch the brake pedal the noise is gone?But i cant find any vacume leaks?If there was a leak it would always be there?Anyone have any ideas?:confused:
  5. humberto

    pw brake fuse

    Hey guys my pw brake fuse keeps blowing is it time for a new electric motor?Anyone have some trouble shooting info on these things?
  6. humberto

    brake pw motor

    Hey guys when changeing my pw motor for my brakes is there any bleeding that has to be prfm?How hard is it to do it looks like i can swap it without removeing the master.
  7. humberto

    SMC problem

    Any of you guys have problems with the float hitting the pump on these SMC kits?
  8. humberto

    60Z injectors

    Anyone running the new 60Z injectors?What do these compare to and how streetable are these?
  9. humberto

    Te61 ?

    Hey guys any of you guys running tens with a TE61 or know of anyone?How hard do you think its going to be for me to hit a high ten?Just added new 9x11 converter 3500 stall and going with larger injectors.
  10. humberto

    turbo size ?

    Hey guys what would a 76" turbine wheel and a 63" compressor wheel turbo compare to in turbo numbers?
  11. humberto

    double pump question?

    Any problems running a second fuel pump with just a switch in the car straight pw, and forget about a hobbs switch?I only need the second pump for the track in race mode.This way i know for sure its powered up.What do you guys think?Good or bad idea?Does the second pump need to be hotwired?
  12. humberto

    locking converter=what mph?

    Hey guys what mph are you guys locking converter in 3rd gear.I need to tell the chip programer when i want it to lockup.Im useing a 28 inch tire and 9x11 3500 stall? My rear gears are 3.42.
  13. humberto

    locking converter at what speed???

    Hey guys im getting new chips burned and want to know what mph are your chips programed to lock converter in 3rd gear? I will be useing a 28 inch slick with 9x11 3500 stall.I dont want it to lock up to soon and the car drop on its ass,or to late.
  14. humberto

    72s=what chip?

    Guys what chip are you guys useing for those of you who are useing 72s?I was thinking of getting the Max Effort chip?Can someone give me more info on this chip?How hard are these chips to tune?
  15. humberto

    double pump instructions

    Hey guys any of you have instuctions on how to install double pump fuel pumps?Please include hobbs switch operation.Any online instructions?
  16. humberto

    calling 10 sec guys

    Hey guys for those of you who are running in the tens do you think those new 57lb injectors will be enough?Upgradeing probably to a 63 serious turbo as well.Dont want to dip into the tens with present combo i feel that it will be maxed out.Im also thinking about the way it will perform on the...
  17. humberto

    fuel pump differences?

    What exactly is the diff between the Walbro 307 and the 340?
  18. humberto

    new raceing videos

    Hey guys just wanted to share some new videos and pics from West Coast Nationals in LV.Was passed to me by another board member,some really nice videos. :)Go to multimedia section in the bottom.
  19. humberto

    drive or overdrive?

    Whos leaves there car in drive in the 1/4 mile and lets the car ref just a bit more before it drops off into overdrive?Or is it better just to leave it in overdrive?
  20. humberto

    C16 with alcohol injection

    Hey guys anyone ever try to use there alcohol injection with denatured alcohol with haveing C16 race fuel in the gas tank?Im thinking that would be a potent mix at the track?