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  1. Buckshot G/N

    GN In Fiery Accident.

    Thank goodness no Fatalities. Did this GN belong to any of our members?
  2. Buckshot G/N


    You guys may have seen this video, but this is a good example of " who you know " or being at the right place at the right time. Nice video though !!
  3. Buckshot G/N

    RIP " CHARLIE DANIELS " 07/06/20

    My homestate hero pasted away this morning @ age 83. Mr. Daniel was very instrumental in paving the way in late 60's and into the 70's on what we call southern rock. And one hell of a fiddler player. He will be missed, but his music will carry on. "RIP"
  4. Buckshot G/N

    TTops Front Section Protector Channel

    Fits 82 thru 85 Regal with Ttops. 12.00 for both and you pay for ride. GM #20164509
  5. Buckshot G/N


    Casper chip is a Street Performer for 87 / 93 octane, it was paired for 30lb Tomco Injectors.( Will also work with stock injectors. $40.00 shipped, Lower 48. Stock chip .. $30.00. Shipped, Lower 48. Both Chips $65.00 Shipped.
  6. Buckshot G/N

    Fuel Stabilizer

    Just curious what brand you folks or if any fuel stabilizer you used for winter or year round storage. Reason I asked for years while on Christmas / New Years break.Every year i fill my car up with 93 octane 100% gas and add STA=BIL stabilizer. That fill up last well into springtime.cause I...
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    I figure I would share pics of this 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner ,Thrusting 1100 HP. I attended the local auto fair ,and this ride was displayed in the exotic exhibit.
  8. Buckshot G/N

    Oem AC compressor rebuild

    Had to replace my AC compressor after 32 years of service. This insane heat the country had in Sept probably took it's toll. So I have OEM core compressor, and was asking have anyone every had one remanufactured and by who.
  9. Buckshot G/N

    Have anyone replaced stock springs.

    I'm the original owner "1987" 32 years keeping everything stock. I have notice the car setting about an inch lower than pass years. About 26 and Qtr inches from ground to top of of fender well. Have anyone replaced springs and did it raise the car any.
  10. Buckshot G/N

    Correct name for this part .

    Anyone know the correct GM name for this where screw driver is pointed. Thanks,
  11. Buckshot G/N

    Where does this female plug goes

    I was just looking over my car and notice this , with one of the 3 wires broken . Does anyone know were it plugs into, and it's function purpose. Thanks.
  12. Buckshot G/N

    Concert Sound 2 Complete Unit, Pratically New.

    Complete concert sound 2, remove out of a 86GN in October of 1986 and been in storage since then. Set consist of Radio.. Rear speakers with support hangers .. Front door speakers.. And dash tweeter speakers. All parts are still wrap in the 1986 newspaper from back in the day. If anyone needs to...
  13. Buckshot G/N


    I posted this in the parts forum figuring more folks will see this great offer, instead of the audio radio forum. What I have is the best A\V radio Pioneer made that fits our cars 7 years ago "Top Self ". Comes with every option available then. It still is like new considering I only drive my...
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    I hope all of the Buick community DADS are having a great FATHER'S DAY . I know fathers day does play a second fiddler to Mother's Day and it should,because no one has your back like mom's. But as Father's Day grows in popularity things have gotten better.Example... My wife cook a homemade...
  15. Buckshot G/N

    Front End Bushing Replacement

    Hey Ya'll ,having a thirty year old car ,this coming spring I was planning on getting a front end alignment and changing out the upper control arm bushing. .After doing a little research ,it seems to be better to purchase the front end bushing kit.The problem I'm having is to find the best...
  16. Buckshot G/N

    Hard to find Hatchimal Toy Egg

    Hey Ya'll I have two Hatchimals I will sell. My grand childrens have been wanting this hard to find toy , so I got lucky and was able to find a couple. So I bought some extras for family members and friends. If interested please send PM.
  17. Buckshot G/N

    New Goodmark OEM Bumper filler sold!! Left air Dam for sale SOLD !!

    I have the front bumper fillers,box has never been open.I bought a complete set front an rear to save $$. So I don't need them,the front ones my car are only 2 years. $135.00 that does includes shipping. I also have used 86/87 left airdam it does have a little scuff mark on the corner an one...
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    Let me start off by saying I never post anything on I mostly just observe what my fellow buick family chat an rant about, which is sometimes entertaining.I have own a TB for over 27 years. I'm testing the water an see how the rims an tires ( with only 3000 miles on tires ) will...