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  1. WarWagon

    High compression 4.1L

    The wait is over this week after a few years of collecting parts, I'm ready to send everything off to get balanced. These parts will build a 10:1 compression forged long rod bottom end using: T6 performance stock stroke steel crank/neutral flex plate. Molnar 6.3" rods Racetec 10:1 forged...
  2. WarWagon

    Engine vibration/manual transmission

    I have searched the forum with no luck, so this issue gets a post. The rear main seal needs replacement so I will pull the engine to do so but in the meantime, I need brain picking. There is a newer vibration in my Impulse, This I only noticed after I really revved it up high seeking traction in...
  3. WarWagon

    Another rare Weiand 4bbl intake manifold. Good deal on a rare hard to find intake manifold.
  4. WarWagon

    A++ M233Roller seller

    Mike has a lot of great positive feedback in here and I will include mine with the rest. Big help and good deals. Thanks Mike.
  5. WarWagon

    Looking for two stock rods and pistons.

    Seeking one odd bank and one even bank, stock 2 dot rods on stock turbo pistons.
  6. WarWagon

    109 block, .030 over or standard or a short block.

    Firstly looking for a good .030 over 109 block. Or a standard bore 109, or a 109 that is .010-.020 over also useful. Zip 26554
  7. WarWagon

    Rare Smokey Yunik/ Weiand 4bbl intake.

    Good deal for a chance to get the first ever aftermarket airgap intake, as well as the best 4150 single plane.
  8. WarWagon

    Blowthrough Buick track passes

    All of these videos are from inside my friends TT G35 on 10psi with street tires. First shakedown pass off trailer 11.1@120 Second pass with a bit too much alky Missed video of the first 10 pass. Last pass and backing up a 10 second slip.
  9. WarWagon

    Best everything and first 10 sec passes

    Went to Keystone raceway park Saturday Sep 5th. Best 60ft ever 1.5 felt great, 2nd pass I thought I turned the boost up on controller (mistake) so I added a little bit more alkycontrol gain. Ended up just making it really rich and the boost stayed same. 3rd-4th pass I found my mistake on...
  10. WarWagon

    Looking for T&D roller rocker arms or equivalent. Iron heads 1.5-1.55-1.6-1.65 ratio

    Seeking roller rocker arms for iron heads. Prefer T&D but would accept Harland Sharp too. 1.5-1.65 ratio
  11. WarWagon

    PB & first tests of 2020

    This weekend was the first real public T&T at Keystone Raceway park. I drove the Buick 98 miles to and from the track, only changes off the street were putting my slicks on. I didn't log any of these passes so I was just watching gauges. The first pass I could not get the on the 2 step and left...
  12. WarWagon

    Buick V6 swapped Isuzu Impulse.

    I had a lot of fun last week with the Impulse, this was my first time with a manual trans at a track and I loved it. This is my daily driver and it wasn't quick or fast but it is quicker/faster than my original drawthrough turbo Regal setup from years ago. This has an old Borg warner T50 5...
  13. WarWagon

    Alky Control LED/pump issue and repair.

    This post is to make aware of a potential problem that might appear in some kits and what I did to prevent it. For the last few years my turn on LED would flicker red and make the smallest flashes over bumps or drops while off boost. This wasn't an issue at first as the system would still hit...
  14. WarWagon

    New boost control problems

    Bison 6265 turbo, it has a precision turbine housing and the waste gate hole is 1.5" the short tube to the external waste gate is also 1.5" New 38mm waste gate now dumping to atmosphere, it has a 10lb spring in it. I use a delux TurboXS boost controller that is NOT installed right now. I used...
  15. WarWagon

    Blowthrough build repeat.

    This is the home thread for a 2019 version of my very budget blowthrough engine build/setup, this will supercede and replace the old (Slow blowthrough engine build) thread. This will link up to the thread (Repeat procedure) Starting with the finest over bored 109 block I could find within 100...
  16. WarWagon

    The Wrath

    Good guy/seller here. Thanks for the easy sale.
  17. WarWagon

    .030 overbore 109 or 140 block

    I have a line on one(109) in a neighboring state that I'm certain I'm going to buy. Anyone else have any good blocks that I might pick up for a spare. East coast preferred as I'm in WV.
  18. WarWagon

    Impulsive 3.8 swap.

    I've been after this machine for a while and I finally was able to get it, This is a very old swap that has been done about 20 years ago. Machine: 1984 Isuzu Impulse Swap is: '79 turbo 3.8 block that has a lot of Kenne-Bell parts like a 1XB camshaft, valve locks retainers and valve springs even...
  19. WarWagon


    I'd like to be considered a moderator for Before Black section of this site since we lost Charlie. I visit daily and do have the ability to help in this department as I already have been. Definitely some people know more than me but the data I do know and provide is good. I don't see anyone...
  20. WarWagon

    One speedpro/trw .030 piston.

    I'm looking for a new or used speedpro/trw .030 piston. Just one Or Same piston on a good 2 dot rod with the heavy pin. Also rings new or used for one piston.