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  1. stagemonster

    Autometer wideband nib $260 shipped

    New in box Autometer wideband 4397 for all types of fuels. This is their high end wideband $260 shipped
  2. stagemonster

    PTE 67/68 turbo

    67/68 Pte turbo is in good condition normal shaft play mileage unknown was removed from a car that we parted out. $650 plus shipping obo
  3. stagemonster

    PTE 67/68 hpq

    PTE 67/68 hpq. Normal shaft play. In great shape. $600 plus shipping
  4. stagemonster

    Balancer crank pulley adjustable wastegate actuator

    Balancer $100 plus shipping Crank pulley $100 plus shipping Adj wastegate actuator $40 plus shipping
  5. stagemonster

    Maf pipe

    3 inch maf pipe. $50 plus shipping
  6. stagemonster

    Valve cover filler necks and valve cover breather

    86/87 filler neck. $50 84/85 filler neck works on 86/87 also $50 Valve cover breathers $40
  7. stagemonster

    Comp 980 valve springs new in box

    Like the title says. $25 plus shipping
  8. stagemonster

    Standard bore hotair block

    As the title says. $300 would prefer local pick up
  9. stagemonster

    Turbo J bracket turbo oil feed line and coil pack

    Turbo J bracket. $100 plus shipping Turbo oil feed line. $30 plus shipping Original coil pack with sticker on the side just tested and in good working order. $40 plus shipping
  10. stagemonster

    Turbotweak 5.7 chips E85 60s 80s

    I have 3 turbotweak 5.7 chips. These were in a lot of parts I got. $25 a piece plus shipping
  11. stagemonster

    67/68 Pte hpq

    As the title says. PTE 67/68 hpq. $700 plus shipping
  12. stagemonster

    Hot air 84/85 coil packs

    I have 2 hot air coil packs and modules and brackets. $100 plus shipping for both
  13. stagemonster

    Oil cooler adapters intercooler fans

    Oil cooled adapter with lines. $80 plus shipping Oil cooler adapter without lines. $50 plus shipping Intercooler fans The gray painted one. $50 plus shipping The unpainted one. $50 plus shipping
  14. stagemonster

    New 70mm accufab TB and dog house w/power plate. Turbo shield

    New Accufab TB with doghouse and power plate. $350 Stock turbo shield painted in ceramic black. $50 Prices plus shipping
  15. stagemonster

    Looking for rods.

    6.200 6.350 6.400. Seeing whats out there. Thanks in advance
  16. stagemonster

    60lb injs , Regulator and misc parts

    60lb injectors set of 6 with low miles. $180 plus shipping Adj fuel pressure reg. $50 plus shipping Stock dog house. $80 plus shipping Stock throttlebody with tta vac block. $120 plus shipping Adj wastegate accuator 1. Dirty and rusty but works $40 plus shipping Adj wastegate accuator 2. This...
  17. stagemonster

    Valve cover breathers

    Breathers for stock valve covers. $40 plus shipping.
  18. stagemonster

    Astro hydroboost mc pushrod

    So i got a hydroboost unit fro a1cardone and it came without the pushrod assembly that pushes in the master cylinder. It consist of a pushrod a spring a plastic retainer and a spider clip that holds it all together. Dose anybody know where i can buy this assembly new rather than pulling it from...
  19. stagemonster

    Wastegate accuators and intake pipe and filter

    Wastegate acc 1 silver one. This one is a newer one has about 10,000 miles on it went to external. $60 plus shipping Wastegate acc 2 the gold colored one. This has more mile on it not sure how many still works good. $45 plus shipping Intake pipe and k&n filter. Pipe has a gouge in back side...
  20. stagemonster

    Pittsburgh winter meet up

    Who would be interested in a lunch meet soon to get us through the winter. Suggestions? Lets see where everybody would be interested in having it.