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  1. TurboTGuy

    Just put this on my car ...... heh, heh, heh

    As stated. ;)
  2. TurboTGuy

    Happy Independence Day, All!

  3. TurboTGuy

    Why is gas a $3.00 plus a gallon again?

    Groceries, too! Oh! That fool Biden. Fuckin' Russian and Chinese puppet on their strings. And that mutt of a VP? Bad as it is, let's hope Ol' Joe don't get Clinton'ed.........
  4. TurboTGuy

    Demi Lovato comes out as non-binary

    "They" can kiss my Big, Fat, Straight, MALE ass. 1. Boy 2. Girl Pick one. That's it. Uh, oh! You can't evade that little detail! AND YOU DON"T get to pick. It is what it is. Reality can sometimes be harsh. All the other superfluous "bianary" bullshit is just that. BULLSHIT. That's SCIENCE...
  5. TurboTGuy

    Thumbs Up

    Well this place has been slow lately......... So, I'm asking you guys who's received a good ol' thumbs up while driving your car (TR or not) lately? I drive mine to work nearly every Friday and catch a minimum or 2 or 3 going both ways. I always return the gesture with a "hang ten" It...
  6. TurboTGuy

    Mother's Day

    Funny, I didn't see a thread on this today. My Mom passed in 2010. Good Riddance. That's all I have to say.
  7. TurboTGuy

    Is it really worth it? AD'S ARE OUT OF CONTROL

    The ads have become JUST TOO MUCH! You Double them, Triple them and then add another ad, just to get to a thread. Jay, it's completely out of hand. You promised you would "try" pop up's for a month and then ask what we thought. Since then ads have TRIPLED. NO word or inquiry from you on what...
  8. TurboTGuy

    A/C Compressor

    Anybody have a primo source for a new/reliable replacement source ? Are the Rock Auto pieces worth a dang? Seems mine shit the bed after dang near 40 years.......... :cry:
  9. TurboTGuy

    Well friend finally sent this to me........

    It's been about a year and a half since this was filmed but my buddy just sent it to me. This was right when I got the new engine installed and back from TurboLou Czarnota. I was doing a little tuning/messing around out in front of my work, and unbeknownst to me, my friend filmed this..... :)
  10. TurboTGuy

    To all those affected by this terrible weather

    I just want all of you to know I'm praying for your safety in these awful times. Look out for each other, like you always do!
  11. TurboTGuy

    MB AMG C43 Kill

    So after 10 years, the carpet kit in my Turbo Regal developed a hole where my heel digs in by the gas pedal. I called my interior guy and he happily traded out the install of a rubber heel pad for me "smoking out" the taillights for his truck. I had the choice to take I-17 and take 10...
  12. TurboTGuy


    Confirmed, a new office complex will be built on the grounds of Wild Horse Pass Motor Sports Park (formerly known as Firebird Raceway) in Chandler, Arizona. NHRA announced the cancellation of the Arizona February event in conjunction with the announcement of the building project. Sounds like...
  13. TurboTGuy

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

  14. TurboTGuy

    So Jerryl's poll was taken down? Or am I just old and infirm...... ?

    WTF? Who pissed who off? Is Google coming for me next? Is this just more big tech ideological shut down of different opinions? Jay? Are YOU Google? Are YOU responsible for this? :eek: You're the ADMIN here............... Where did the thread go? Inquiring minds want to know........
  15. TurboTGuy

    Where is the fuse for the under hood courtesy light?

    Just what the title says, the mercury switched one attached to the hood. Search function is not helping any today.
  16. TurboTGuy

    I copied this from "The Perfect Combination" thread cuz I think it needs to be here, too. (edited)

    It's been a LONG time, folks........ Halloween morning, 2020 Well, I just took mine out to go get a 5 gal pail of methanol at Loper's Performance. They are 2 miles from my house. On the way home, I destroyed a built WRX that was filling up on e85 at the Texaco I stopped at for a Coke and...
  17. TurboTGuy

    Wanted - Metco Spare Tire Fuel Cell

    Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  18. TurboTGuy

    Well, if none you other ol' bastards will say it..... Happy Labor Day!!!!!!

    Title says it all. It took until 5PM ON THE DAY OF THE HOLIDAY for a fiercely non-union guy to say it? That says even more. Should stay silent.