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  1. "Turbo-T"

    Fast and Furious GN at Gatlinburg TN

    While in Tennessee last weekend, I took a trip down to Gatlinburg to the Star Cars museum. Apparently this is one of the GN's used in the movie. As you can see, it's not a real GN, but it does appear to have the LC2 drivetrain. Thought I'd post. Here's some pics. Enjoy.
  2. "Turbo-T"

    Shipping a vehicle

    I used Affordable Auto transport to ship my car from Missouri to North Carolina. It was $1100 open trailer and $1500 closed. I went closed, they used two guys out of Florida with an F350, car made it safe and sound.
  3. "Turbo-T"

    Very informative Video for buying aftermarket heads.

    Wow...I'm in the market for a set of ARP heads. I wonder if they too use "China valves"?
  4. "Turbo-T"

    Buick power source, book GN/T-type facts and figures book, Caspers fuel gauge for sale

    Fuel pressure gauge sold. I still have the never used adapter if anyone needs it....$10 shipped in the lower 48
  5. "Turbo-T"

    Buick power source, book GN/T-type facts and figures book, Caspers fuel gauge for sale

    No problem I am giving him til 12 to pay up
  6. "Turbo-T"

    Buick power source, book GN/T-type facts and figures book, Caspers fuel gauge for sale

    Mike I PM'ed you.... precizion I have one other fella wanting all the books, if he fails to go thru you're next in line
  7. "Turbo-T"

    Buick power source, book GN/T-type facts and figures book, Caspers fuel gauge for sale

    Cleaning out the garage and came across some items to sell. All prices include shipping in the lower 48 states. I accept Paypal as payment. 1 Buick Power source book in excellent condition. $40 1 Buick GN/T type facts and figures book. In excellent condition $20 1 Buick book for older cars...
  8. "Turbo-T"

    Autometer Sport Comp II tachometer p/n 3699

    Bought this new at a swap meet, used it once to set the idle on my Nova, then put it back in the box and that's it. Was going to use it in the Nova but decided a smaller indash tach I found would be better. With that said, yes this tach works, yes it comes with the bracket, instructions...
  9. "Turbo-T"

    87 white T f/s

    Hi Bob. Yes he told me he met you somewhere with the car. Where was the Hartman show? Your nose is correct. It was a case of I had lost interest in the car, and in all reality I wanted to just park it in a barn, close the door, and save it for another day when the interest came back....but at...
  10. "Turbo-T"

    87 white T f/s

    Thought I'd give all an update. I have stayed in touch with the fellow that bought my car....and he has decided he wants to now sell it. Turns out he's the type that buys cars, fixes them and re-sells them. He claims he's put in new valve springs, changed the belt to a shorter one and replaced...
  11. "Turbo-T"

    86-87 T type or GN with a built engine/trans that is proven 10's in the 1/4...and a not so hot body

    Thanks, I saw your ad on CL. I don't quite have $10k or I'd probably be all over it. Not sure how long it would take me to save up either. Do you have receipts and such to show the $10k you have sitting in the engine/trans?
  12. "Turbo-T"

    87 we4 astro roof

    I wished I had the cash for it but I'm about $2500 short of your asking price.
  13. "Turbo-T"

    81 Grand Nat??

    For those who are wondering, I have tried to get in touch with this individual several times, asking for pics of the vin, the spid label, etc....the seller is very reluctant to send any pictures, however he keeps getting rude, saying stuff like "I already told you it's a n/a V6 car what more do...
  14. "Turbo-T"

    81 Grand Nat??

    You must be talking about this? I've tried asking the seller about it but IMO he's withholding some info...although he did admit that the vin denotes it as a n/a V6 Regal....IIRC I think he said it was a "clone"...but me thinks it's possibly a...
  15. "Turbo-T"

    Thinking about selling my car

    Where in mid Mo are you? I'm in the market... I recently sold my 87 T to a guy in Macon for a little more than you say you have in mods, it didn't have any body rot, it had working a/c and heat and a working radio, nice paint and nice interior, and had all the mods in my sig that I knew was on...
  16. "Turbo-T"

    T type or Grand National center cap

    Cap is sold. Thanks to all who were interested
  17. "Turbo-T"

    T type or Grand National center cap

    blackazz you're 3rd in line. Paulo is 2nd in line. 1fastcobra PMed me Sat, I didn't get the notice he had PMed me until I logged in today. He has dibs for the next 24 hrs. I apologize for those who were waiting.