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  1. Mike Swentzel

    New Scammer - Phelpsmike

    Watch out I believe whom ever is phelpsmike is also startinagin and trace93
  2. Mike Swentzel

    Hey moderators!!! Kill two at once...

    That guy pm'd me today and said the exact same thing, I think he goes by Phelpsmike too bc just yesterday he scammed me for $100 then today I get that pm. Hum what a coincidence
  3. Mike Swentzel


    Has any heard of trace93 they just pm'd me about a part I wanted?
  4. Mike Swentzel


    Man.... I just paypaled a guy names popper $100 for some chrome valve covers , phelpsmike said popper had them for sale, i just got "got"
  5. Mike Swentzel

    WTB Stock Chrome Turbo Housing and Chrome Valve covers

    Polished will work too
  6. Mike Swentzel

    WTB Stock Chrome Turbo Housing and Chrome Valve covers

    Wtb stock chrome turbo housing and chrome valve covers in excellent condition
  7. Mike Swentzel

    Anybody have torq thrusts on?

    I have 20" Torque Thurst 2 on mine
  8. Mike Swentzel

    take out drinks

    Here in California after the 15th we're still gonna allow to purchase to go alcoholic beverages. Mia tai sure sounds good right now this weekend the temp will be in triple digits
  9. Mike Swentzel

    Chrome Plenum

    It looks really good!
  10. Mike Swentzel

    Chrome Plenum

    Hey has anyone chromed their Plenum if so was it a difficult job bc of the rough cast iron? I wanna get mine done but wanted to first see if anyone had a hard time getting it done by a shop. I appreciate your input, I don't want a polished one.
  11. Mike Swentzel

    Part # for oem 87 GN Gas Cap

    Will do thanks
  12. Mike Swentzel

    Part # for oem 87 GN Gas Cap

    Hey does any one have the correct part # for oem gas cap for 87 GN?
  13. Mike Swentzel

    Mahle or Fel-Pro Valve Cover Gasket

    Thanks for the thread , very interesting
  14. Mike Swentzel

    Mahle or Fel-Pro Valve Cover Gasket

    I'm just looking for the best gasket idk which route to go any advise would help. Fre-Pro is cork and Mahle are rubber these would be for my valve covers.
  15. Mike Swentzel

    Need help deciding which 3" LT1 maf sensor to buy

    Hey guy's I'm finally gonna up grade to a LT1 3" maf sensor and Translator, and need advise in the best one to buy. So I'm indecisive between the Delphi or AC Delco? Engine is mainly stock with a few upgrades nothing crazy.
  16. Mike Swentzel

    Newer Delco Stereo with CD and Blue tooth (will it fit?)

    Buy the radio with the metal brackets on the front sides and it will fit perfectly. I just removed to installed a pioneer deh 77 1.5 din
  17. Mike Swentzel

    Wheel polishing ?

    I came acrossed this website not long ago
  18. Mike Swentzel

    Carpeted Black spare tire cover

    In search of a carpeted black spare tire cover for sale, or know where I may purchase one from?
  19. Mike Swentzel

    WTB Radiator support hood latch bracket

    Thanks much appreciation, I finally found one then had it chromed, would you happen to have any chrome dress up parts for sale?