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  1. 87GNT

    Parts for sale

    Hi Randy- still have the dash panel? If so what’s the price shipping to 33558?
  2. 87GNT

    looking for a TC to go with 62-65 Turbo

    Dave Husek is as solid of a person as it gets....
  3. 87GNT

    looking for a TC to go with 62-65 Turbo

    Definitely all onboard with Husek 3021 with a 5957 - 6466 all day long....
  4. 87GNT

    WTB: Comp Roller Cam 212/212 or 212/218

    Hello does anyone have either cam grinds with the following specs that they would like to sell?
  5. 87GNT

    FS=OEM Vally Pan and Seal

    Hello GN Community- As stated I have a OEM original 1987 new/old stock Intake valley pan gasket with new rubber seals. Asking $50.00 shipping included Thanks
  6. 87GNT

    SOLD- Precision 6262 Dual BB Price Updated

    Here is the link to the video as I promised. Let me know if you're still interested...
  7. 87GNT

    SOLD- Precision 6262 Dual BB Price Updated

    As title states PTE 6262 DBB E-cover 2.5 outlet & T3 inlet for sale. The Turbo is rated at 705HP and has around 1500 miles. I've taken pics and recorded the impeller spinning effortlessly. These turbo's are very popular and used in many applications. I paid $1,500 new for this Turbo. They are...
  8. 87GNT

    3.8 turbo engine for sale... inquire for details

    First in line please
  9. 87GNT

    Sudden dropped oil pressure to 0 ish

    Hello- I was was on the highway near by home when I decided to drop the pedal to 23lbs of boost. During this time I noticed the car miss and when I looked down the oil pressure guage read 0 psi. Good thing I was literally blocks from the house. When i got home I took a quick once over and I...
  10. 87GNT

    FS: UMI Reinforcement Brace

    Hello gents- So someone from the forum should me a way to cut the bars at each 45 degree and simply widen out to clear the new precision IC and cut a 1/4 inch piece of steel and screw it down to the center of the crossbar to allow for the slack needed for widening.
  11. 87GNT

    Fuel pressure at 60LBS and nothing I do to the FPR lowers it.

    Hello- Here's my cars current state. Upon having an accident where I jump the curve. I have a Precision stretched SLIC which requires to replace one of the top left coolant jet bolts with the one thats provided with the kit which is longer and secures the aluminum bracket as part of the...
  12. 87GNT

    Anyone have a GN OEM wheel thats been widened to 8 inches?

    Hello members. As title reads, looking to buy a GN OEM rim widened to 15x8. Thanks,
  13. 87GNT

    FS: UMI Reinforcement Brace

    Thank you.
  14. 87GNT

    FS: UMI Reinforcement Brace

    I'll split the difference $165 shipped.
  15. 87GNT

    FS: UMI Reinforcement Brace

    Lightly used UMI reinforcement brace that I took off my 87 GN using a stock location innercooler. Upgrade to a Precision SLIC and the brace will not fit anymore. I purchased it roughly 6-8 months ago for $250.00 from UMI web-site. Willing to sell for $180.00 plus shipping. Ed
  16. 87GNT

    F/S Hardly used Buick stock intercooler $350

    SOLD sorry gents
  17. 87GNT

    F/S Hardly used Buick stock intercooler $350

    Buick stock intercooler for stock location intercooler installation. Intercooler comes with a very nice black finish. The wrap around shroud (shown in pics) is aluminum and very well make. This does have the Dutweiller style neck on the unit. The shroud on our intercooler can open up to 5-1/2"'s...
  18. 87GNT

    87 GN Dash Wiring Harness

    M233roller- Is this dash still up for sale? If so, can you please send me pictures as I am in need of a dash as mine is cracked. Regards,