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  1. Cape Cod GN

    Looking for OEM tri-shield center horn medallion

    Does anyone have an extra OEM tri-shield center horn medallion available? I’m trying to get the interior back to stock and this is one of the last pieces of this ongoing saga…lol. Thank you!
  2. Cape Cod GN

    Repainting rims idea

    So after attempting to tape my rims for a respray (and it taking hours for one) I came up with an idea to flat black rustoleum oil based paint and a hairdryer to cure it with some heat. They have held up for a month now on a few cruises. It took me less than 45 min a wheel. I had mineral spirits...
  3. Cape Cod GN

    Need help identifying frame connectors

    Hi all, I got these frame bracers from a friend of mine that he had in his garage for about 20 years. I can’t find them anywhere to see where they install. He doesn’t remember where they went on the car either, but he swears that they are for a G-body. Does anyone recognize them and where they...
  4. Cape Cod GN

    Car shows

    Hi all, I just wanted to see if any of you also deal with “disrespect” of the rarity of the GN or turbo regal’s at their local car shows. I’ve been to many and have won only one award while for instance, a dime a dozen 86 Corvette with a for sale sign on it beat me out in my class. There have...
  5. Cape Cod GN

    AC issues

    Hello everyone. I’m having issues with the AC clutch engaging on a 134 converted system. Here’s what’s I’ve checked: - I jumped the low side with a paper clip and the clutch engages. - I checked the ECM SOL 10 amp fuze as well as replaced the AC compressor control relay. - Low side pressure is...
  6. Cape Cod GN

    Car wants to go but feel bogged down at low end

    Hi all I've been dealing with this issue since I got the car back in 2013. I feel the engine spooling, power building, rpm's going up but the car feels like its not grabbing and rocketing forward as it should. This happens at a stop, rolling start and at low speeds. At highway speeds the car...
  7. Cape Cod GN

    Bad Gas causing ping?

    Hi all I’m just looking to see if bad fuel can cause a pinging at WOT? I have Meth injection (working I primed before the test). 43psi fuel and pushing 20 lbs of boost outside temp was about 52 degrees. I fueled up a couple weeks ago at a side rd gas station. So I’m thinking it might be the...
  8. Cape Cod GN

    87 GN intermittently “skipping””

    Hey all, my 87 GN bucks and feels like it’s skipping for a few seconds then runs fine. At WOT it will almost feels like a misfire and sometimes cruising it will skip and “buck” lightly. Here are my scantool readings at idle and warmed up: MAF: 4 LV8: 27 Volts:13.0 BLM: 142 Speed: 0 Coolant...
  9. Cape Cod GN

    Start and idle issue

    Hey all, I just went out to start the GN and it cranks, starts and then stalls. It won't idle on its own. I need to hold my foot on gas lightly for it to stay started. Could this be a tps issue? Thx.
  10. Cape Cod GN

    Dyno and tune in the New England Area

    I have a 87 GN looking for a dyno and tune in the New England Area. Anyone here have any contacts? Thanks!
  11. Cape Cod GN

    T-roof headliner

    Just looking to see if the t- roof headliner is a lot easier to replace then a full. I did one a few years ago on my 88 Lesabre t- type and it was a pain. I was hoping since it it a t roof all I have to do is remove the screws out of the ceiling trim.
  12. Cape Cod GN

    Car running rich

    Hi all. I'm new to the forums. I just put in 42lb injectors and was told I shouldn't have to modify my chip. I currently have a TT 5.7 that was set up for mostly stock set up. The fuel pressure gauge is new and at 42lbs fuel pressure the car runs really rich and even bogs when I rev the engine...