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  1. jshot

    shiny stuff suspended in the fluid

    did a fluid and filter change. 1000 miles since the last one. wanted to inspect the fluid. a little black stuck in the pan and a fine powder on the magnet. but what concerns me is the shiny particles and tiny flakes suspended in the fluid that is not magnetic. have been monitoring and this is...
  2. jshot

    1'st gear not putting power to the ground

    just put the foot down for the first time this this season. does not seem to be putting the power down in first gear as much as last season. 2'ng gear still pulls hard and shift are firm and quick. the only change from last year is re-cored radiator and a manual boost controller. Boost still...
  3. jshot

    Transmission cooler fitting, thread sealant ?

    do i use any thread sealant on the 1/8 npt fittings for rans lines into rad ?
  4. jshot

    Rad support bushing, rubber

    rad support bushing. the small one goes on top correct? thanks
  5. jshot

    Stock WOT shift Rpm's

    I have been doing a lot of reading and getting mixed answers. just installed the revolution x 2800 stall TC. i am seeing as high as 5225rpm 2-3 shift on the scanmaster WOT. is this acceptable. stock motor and trans. not sure what it was with the D5. is the stall TC increasing my WOT shift RPM?
  6. jshot

    another converter gap issue.

    having trouble getting in touch with full throttle speed for tech support. i have one of their revolution x torque converters. bought it second hand. i am getting 15/16-1" st back into the transmission and 0.080-0.110" flax plate gap. i get different measurements in different spots. with the...
  7. jshot

    Firewall Rub

    Been reading a lot on tire rub, mine is the drivers side tire rubbing on the inner fender near the firewall while turning full lock. took it in for an alignment and he got it so it is a near miss (1/16") but i would like some more clearance. passenger side is great. alignment guy said could be...
  8. jshot

    1" front 2"rear ?

    I am running stock tire height and i want to get a nice level. was thinking dropping 1" front 2"rear ? ....thought? pics? i like my nice cushy ride of my stock springs. how do i keep this? do i need to combo with shocks to go with springs? thanks
  9. jshot

    looking for gauges (white)

    looking for white gauges to fit in the standard console and pillar GN pods boost oil pres water temp possibly knock
  10. jshot

    We are all Noobs 1 time

    New GN owner in Paris Ontario. looking for local connections for advise and support. and maybe some parts. thanks in advance.
  11. jshot

    Rattle at high it detonation? is my motor pooched?

    Owned my first grand national (87) for just about a month now, new to fuel injection and turbos. this has happened about 5 or 6 times. this does happen time at high RMP 2'nd and 3'rd gear. first gear shift before high rpm. thinking around 5k, there is a rattle sound then i let off. No i am...
  12. jshot

    PM Rebuilt, Still pedal will hit the floor

    Very Frustrated Just bought this 87 GN with PM.When i first got it wouldn't stop worth a darn. would stop but not enough for an emergency stop. So i rebuilt the PM with the Kirban Kit and a new Accumulator and new brass Proportioning valve. Bench bled, Gravity bled, then 2 person beed. Also...