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    yep... Mikey
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    Kids 4-wheeler... how young?

    Some kids can drive at 2-3 some never can. Depends on their abilities. When my son was 40 months we lived on a cul-de-sac that was full of young families. A neighbor bought his kid a fairly quick electric car. The kid drove it around for a few minutes with my son watching. When he got out and my...
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    I got sucker into hell!

    Some better men than me here. I ain't going... Mikey
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    R.I.P PM87tb

    My condolences you will be in my prayers. Mikey
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    had a accident last

    Glad you're okay but! In Florida you have 14 days to have a doctor look at you then other party's insurance is no longer liable. Get looked at. Mikey
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    7 things to know about ethanol

    Actually the farmers built the alky refineries/distilleries at their own expense and the government shut them down. In 2007 United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Special Rapporteur for the Right to Food urges five-year moratorium on food based biofuels including ethanol, saying its...
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    Is An 85 Ford Turbo Coupe Worth Any Time

    Did some research on the web and there are definitely some fast 4 banger turbo coupes. It belongs to a very good friend who took it in partial trade for another car he was selling. I will "borrow it" for a while and drive it. If I don't buy it you will be the first to know. You guys have...
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    7 things to know about ethanol

    Most all the downsides have been disproven or are out and out lies. Like it takes 300% more energy to produce a gallon of alky than we get from it, a total lie. We get 40-45% more energy from a gallon of alky than it takes to produce it. The University of Florida has developed a grass that...
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    Is An 85 Ford Turbo Coupe Worth Any Time

    A very, very good friend owns it so I know it. He took it in trade, drove it but never got around to finishing it. We just bought property out of town and will now have a 40 mile round trip commute to work and I am so tired of driving the Mercury Grand Marquis I bought as a high school car for...
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    Happy 238th Birthday Marines!!!!!!!!!!

    My wife "A Marine" says Oohra! Mikey
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    Is An 85 Ford Turbo Coupe Worth Any Time

    Have a chance to pick up a bone stock, 40K mile, black, 85 Ford Turbo Coupe 5 speed for $850. Runs perfect, AC, all electrics work. No rust, no leaks, great seats and interior (needs some interior door panel TLC), two new tires. Has a very cheap paint job and missing some exterior trim...
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    New personal land speed record :)

    My turbo car lifts at 145 so steering gets very scary, never went any faster even though it will go much faster. My 97 Cobra hits the fuel shut off at 152 but rock stable. My Stage 1 runs out of speedometer but keeps pulling and fairly stable at 130-135? Had a 63 Chrysler State trooper car with...
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    2014 Shelby GT500

    I'm envious of the garage not the car. Ha ha ha... Mikey
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    Cannonball run record

    I would... Mikey
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    How to start your weekend!

    One atta boy for ya... Mikey
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    Don Cruz at 180 MPH...TSO...BG Nats 2013

    Met the man twice and both times he took time away from what he was doing to chat and talk shop. Asked him a question and he came over to my turbo to have a look and offer advice. A class act is all I've ever seen from the man. Mikey
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    Facebook asked me a question so....

    exactly... Mikey
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    Guy dancing in traffic

    I don't understand why people are no longer responsible for their actions.... In the late 90's on the I-275 bridge between Tampa and St. Petersburg that runs across the bay some wacho stops his car at rush hour, strips naked and begins running around between the cars now all backed up...
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    Not sure if it counts as a kill, but...

    Another edjamacated soul. Good kill. Mikey
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    2014 Shelby GT500

    Okay but what does it run at the track? A 13.0 car at the track will run a 13.0 on the street if it hooks. 95% of the 11.0 car's at the track will not run 11.0 on the street. A 5.0 can be made to go low 12's with mods. Okay my T will run low 12's on my g-force meter on the street with street...