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    For the B-ball fans, Miami Heat finally going to the Finals!

    Mavs are going to hand them their @$$!!!
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    possible gn/ttype?
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    possible gn/ttype?

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    1987 Turbo T , HOTROD Magazine

    sent pm
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    Gold GN with Trunk Mural

    :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Looks like a good candidate for the Unpimp VEE DUB comercials.
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    What would you replace your GN with?

    I replaced mine with a Big Dog chopper.
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    David Spade drives a GN

    Did anyone see the new David Spade show on Comedy Central the other night? The beginning of the show has him driving a GN!!
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    Toys from when we were kids

    besides Evel's stunt cycle,,,,I also had his stunt dragster where the front end extended to make the dragster,,,,oh oh don't forget about ARMY MEN!!!!
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    Rarest factory car

    There is an 05 blue Saleen S7 running around Plano. Car looks bad ass and the sticker was $566,713.00 One of only 36 in the US.
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    how often does this happen?

    OR,,when someone tells you nice GN and then proceeds to tell you that they used to own an SS.....:confused: Who cares :rolleyes: and then tells you he used to beat GN's with it. howa bout them telling you that they had a friend that bought a GN that was white brand new that came with a...
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    Looses control

    repost,,,I think. :cool:
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    112 mile gn on ebay

    If it sells for $30k I'll be shocked.
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    World record shooter

    This is insanely fast!!!
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    Road Rage Test

    that was good. Neat test.
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    How Ridiculous is this

    Nice photo shop,,,:rolleyes:
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    any Honda CBR owners?

    As for the lawnmowers, guess you could call them nascutters:D [/B] That's good!
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    Whada think?

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    Installing a Ford Radio in a GN

    Now you'll get to go to all the Ford shows and races with your Buick. :cool:
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    Stupid Picture and Video Friday .........................................

    The old people on the scooters was great.
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    another ebay gem

    It says the grille was slightly revised????? :confused: