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    Shout out to Dave...

    Big shout out to Dave. I purchased a converter from him back in May. Always answered my calls and was very knowledgeable. Most times people of his knowledge cant be bothered with a beginners numrous questions, but he explained everything clearly. He built me the right converter for my combo and...
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    If you want it fixed right contact JD

    Great guy to work with, he saved my ass. My car was dead in the water till I took it to him.
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    Turbo Regal Parts

    Interested in the accessory bracket if still available
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    Accesory bracket

    Still have the bracket?
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    OFFICIAL: wheel/tire picture thread... show em off!

    Look's great JC. Did you have to notch the frame for that? Also are those 325's up under there?
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    16" Torq Thrust D's are on.

    Look's great, a classic muscle car stance.:)
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    My first TR, did I get a good one?

    Great car you have. I almost bought a white w/ blue int. ttype back when I was 19, these cars have such a unassuming look to them. You will be able to suprise alot of people with this car, so I hope you enjoy the permanent smile this car will give you.:)