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    GNX fender flares!

    Last GN I owned had them as well as the fender vents. I'm not looking to clone but I'm hooked on the look. Who sells the very best quality nowadays? Thank you.
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    Would you consider this a daily driver car if needed? Have you any MPG figures if driven...

    Would you consider this a daily driver car if needed? Have you any MPG figures if driven normally? Thank you.
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    Slowcars GX tribute car? Where is it now?

    Sorry, title should say GNX. :(
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    Slowcars GX tribute car? Where is it now?

    I'll just put this here. Mods forgive me, I've been gone awhile and not sure where this goes. Did slowcars Tribute car ever sell? Where would it be now? I came very close to pulling the trigger way back but decided to keep the NSX awhile longer. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you, David.
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    Houston buick club @ autorama

    Not done yet. It was my 3rd but not last. They do get in your blood. I've been eyeballing this It's a jewel. The wife thinks I'm losing my mind.:rolleyes: It's a big chunk of change but seems like a lot...
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    GNX 100% Tribute Replica FOR SALE $29500

    If you don't mind my asking. What was done to the engine for $3800.00? Thanks.
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    Houston buick club @ autorama

    Wow, nice to see my old car place 2nd. I sure did'nt think I'd miss her like I do.:(
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    Anyone know this car?

    1984 Buick Regal T Type(Grand National) I have a friend intrested. Is this a member here? Thanks.:)
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    Champion intake

    Thanks Nick. I've been running it few several months with zero issues. I'm actually using the stock Felpro valley pan gasket. I hope to upgrade to better heads in the near future but all seems to work good so far.
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    Champion intake

    I have the Champion on stock unported heads. Yes I bought it for it's beautiful craftsmanship.:redface: I did not though have to do any work to make it fit properly. Is there something I'm not aware of? I have it back off right now swapping lifters. Now would be the time to correct something if...
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    Wife wanted her own "fun" car

    Is that the original plum crazy purple? I wish Dodge would reproduce the original rally wheels for these.
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    Vacuum brake conversion question

    My setup is for a 1987 Regal "V8". I pd. $125.00 for a reman'd Wagner dual diaphram, and $70.00 for a "new" Wagner MC.
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    For Sale: NOS wheather stipping package

    Still for sale?:confused:
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    87 Paint life? How long?

    It's a shame GM took such little pride in paint work in that era.:(
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    Man turns truck into Radio Flyer wagon

    My favorite little red wagon. You young un's probabbly don't remember this. The Little Red Wagon wheelstander car
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    For Sale: NOS wheather stipping package

    You accept paypal? Are the window seals for hardtop?
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    GNX 425 and 190 for sale

    I swear theres something about watching your car back out of a delivery trailer. Back when my NSX was delivered from Cali, watching it back off that trailer made me completely numb with excitment. That GNX pic backing off looks just awesome. Maybe I'm just weird.:cool:
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    Feel sick after oil change.....odd

    If your not handling the oil product, then it could possible be a medical issue. Possibly vertigo or an inner ear issue. I had this issue back in 96 and in certain positions I got dizzy and nautious.
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    Vacumn source for my PCV input.

    Well I got up this morn. and decided to pull the intake to swap out those noisey Comp. lifters:mad:. I'm also going to finally install my Cottons hard line kit. Now I'm running a Champion intake and upon my discovery it looks like I can drill directly between 2 runners directly above the PCV...
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    Just got my car back from disco stu... damn.

    Thanks for the advice. I'm gonna seriously consider a road trip.:cool: