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    is this engine in the dallas area still for sale ? if so , im in dallas & would check it out
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    parting out 87 wrecked gn

    are you wanting to part out the engine & wiring related stuff or be interesting in selling the complete engine w everything that one would need to do a conversion into another car that didnt come w the fuel injected intercooled motor ? does it still run ?
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    79 Lesabre Sport Coupe project/B4B race parts

    im interested in extra lesabre sport coupe parts of all kinds if you still have some - please let me know ...thanks , steve
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    1979 Sport Coupe Lesabre

    any idea if theyre the type who would pull & ship small interior parts ? im excited to hear of another tan interior car that is getting parted out :) thanks for sharing !
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    1979 Sport Coupe Lesabre

    hi - what trim pieces are you looking for to use on your car ?
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    1979 Sport Coupe Lesabre

    ohhh ! another one w factory buckets & console !? sounds cool !
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    1979 Lesabre Sport, for NHRA Stock Eliminator?

    i just tried searching for extrudehone technologies and couldnt find them on the computer - do you have any more contact info on those guys ? i would appreciate it !
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    1979 Lesabre Sport, for NHRA Stock Eliminator?

    reading this thread is really making me want to modify my all-original lesabre - i think its time to loose the all-original deal going on under her hood.
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    hi there - i just read that you have some of those factory electronic control centers that went...

    hi there - i just read that you have some of those factory electronic control centers that went on the fan shroud of these old turbo cars ? im curious if you happen to have an extra nice looking one for a 79 lesabre application ? take it easy , steve in dallas
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    1979 turbo oil return hose need help

    hi everybody ! can anybody help me with either a gm part number or who makes / sells the really short but fat oil return drain hose that connects from the bottom of my turbo and goes into the intake it looks like. this is on a 1979 lesabre sport coupe ( rear wheel drive ) mine is...
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    Before Black BS'ing thread.

    haha - i noticed its quiet in here - i'll be skipping around to find some action !
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    the stripper 1979 turbocharged lesabre sc

    hi everybody ! this is steve in dallas and i recently was able to reunite w my favorite old buick .... it is the somewhat famous ( haha ) 1979 turbocharged lesabre which was in the hemmings muscle machines magazine w/ previous owner dean butterfield back in the spring of 2004. i was happy...
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    Before Black BS'ing thread.

    hi charlie ! i drive from farmers branch to the west side of cleburne every weekend , we will have to meet up sometime ! i just drive my truck out there though while the buick is at home in her garage. nice meeting you , steve rieckhoff
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    Before Black BS'ing thread.

    hi everybody ! i just joined / re-joined the site & happy to be reading all sorts of tech talk on these carbureted turbo engines ! i was able to find & buy back my favorite old turbo buick recently that i was forced to sell in feb of 07 ... will be posting some pictures soon but its the...
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    1979 lesabre sport coupe nos armrest wanted plus

    hi from dallas ! im new to using this site but thought i would check here to see if anyone can help me with a couple of parts my 79 lesabre turbo car could use. im looking for a nos drivers side front turn signal assembly that is amber colored and im also hoping to find a nos drivers side...