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    GNX Clone?

    Put number 548 on your car that will get a couple grins
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    GNX Clone?

    clone It would not bother me just don't put on the gnx emblem or number on dash that's just my impute
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    #180 On Ebay

    miles Never street driven. All miles were put on at the track:smile: :smile:
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    Just Purchased - GNX 451

    451 Welcome aboard fellow GNX owner.
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    How much gravel will it take?

    gravel One inch of stone is 5.5 yrds Get 6 yrds or about 8.5 ton my guess is you will spend about 125.00 bucks
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    GNX 075 Oshkosh Car Show, Shown on Youtube

    gnx Brett Had a great time. Nice to have meet you and yours. Randy
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    June 29, 2008 OSHKOSH, WI South Park CAR SHOW

    1st Brett, Dont worry you will get the first place. Most people dont know what a gnx is
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    What kind of lives some GNX's had?...

    gnx GNX 075,s first owner was a collector The second owner knew the first and bought the car from him. The car had been pampered all its life.
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    number 75 in WI

    It has 25193 miles on it. Yea it it very clean on the underside also. Dont worry the gnx got a carbon cleaning last weekend.
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    number 75 in WI

    gnx Shot of engine
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    number 75 in WI

    Thanks guys. Back in 1986 I tried to buy a gn had like 6000.00 cash went to my local buick garage to order a gn they showed me door I was only 18. So I did not get a gn. I bought a 84 regal in 86 put in a 327 huge roller cam , Four speed borg warner trans, 12 bolt possi. Had the time of my life...
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    number 75 in WI

    Sorry that was not directed at you Thanks for your de-acronymzing.
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    number 75 in WI

    Now thats understandable I have a pic in the gallery. Keep in mind I did not start this thread
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    number 75 in WI

    Bring cases of that barley pop I will help the cause Randy
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    number 75 in WI

    Thanks not sure what t.i.w.w.o.p is either
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    number 75 in WI

    miles If I buy it for any reason its up to me. Maybee I want to drive it into a lake watch it sink thats up to me. Now if you buy a investment car it has to have like 500 miles on it and thats not what I wanted.
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    Car Show in FDL, WI on May 4th!!

    Shure sounds good
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    number 75 in WI

    :) Thanks Mike Your daughter has good taste Tell her to start saving her spare change
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    number 75 in WI

    gnx Hey Kraus found the site looks good. Will enjoy this much. Randy