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    ATR headers, passenger replacement header, ATR crossover

    I have a set of ATRs that need some work here and there. 50 bucks. local though.
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    88 Mazda RX 7 Roller set up for a Buick Turbo V6 and a 200R4

    is the block on the stand the one out of my white limited? You still looking for one?
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    Headers wanted

    fit fine with a 3 inch gn1
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    Headers wanted

    I"ve have a set of older knock off ATRs that need some attention. $75 plus shipping.
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    Did you have a good experience with Georgia Automotive Performance?

    Did you have a good experience with Georgia Automotive Performance?
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    Delco cassette low volume

    ok , i'll keep that in mind. i'm chasing a no start problem.
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    Delco cassette low volume

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    Removal exhaust manifold bolts

    I need some of these do you have any ready to ship?
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    1974 bronco

    This seller is top notch.
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    SS Headers

    any idea on shipping cost (28655)
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    where to buy alky

    try to find a VP racing fuel vendor. maybe like a motorcycle dealership. sometimes you can piggyback on their order and get M1 at no shipping cost.
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    Connecting FAST DASH to XFI

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    go Fast stuff

    I'd be interested in the crossover if I can verify it would mate up with atr headers.
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    Pete at RCG

    Thanks again for taking the time to help me out with my transmission. Quick reply and great advice
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    TA Performance crossover pipe

    What type of clamp
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    Trailer queen?

    Yes , orig owner. i went with him to the dealership. we drove 3 and took the fastest one home. he's 77.
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    Trailer queen?

    Video of my dad sending his 3800 mile original owner GN.... Proud of Him
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    Stock rear shoulder belts.

    I've been watching this thread as well.