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    Do you guys keep a loaded gun near when you go to sleep?

    depends where I'm sleeping.
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    DFW area people

    Word of this event has reached me in China. Wish I could be around to reinforce the Buick contingent, but unfortunately the timing isn't right. Do any of you ever get over to Mississippi? I've got a GN down there and am planning to bring down a couple V8s in the near future. I get back...
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    Hey all newbie here!!

    Hey, I was in the 15s before I got my drivers license. Now I'm in the 12s.
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    3.8 Intercooled Corvair?

    I got to thinking it would be interesting to build a rear engined buick turbo powered car. There are quite a few corvairs out there that were converted to small block V8s for racing and it may not be too big of a deal to swap a 3.8 Turbo into one of them. Has anyone ever seen one of these...
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    would anyone pay 50k for a TTA?

    Heck, I traded one of 18 '71 GS455 convert 4spds for a paint job. It's pretty rusty. Now I'm having second thoughts.
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    opinion of C4 vette vs C5....

    What do you make of the rediculous prices on old corvettes though. Maybe the c4 & c5 won't go through it. In '77 I sold a 65 327/250 3spd floor shift vette for $3200. As a car with 125K miles, that was still a premium price. I just don't get it why they sell for over 20K now. First gear...
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    opinion of C4 vette vs C5....

    I forgot to say forget about the TA. In the short term (and for the rest of your life memories) I'm certain you'd be better off in a Vette. Unless of course you could get your father into an '87 GN. That would be a sweet deal.
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    An open answer to Martin Sheens Puke

    "?Mike, take some advice. Instead of using all the brain power to make some bucks on a movie about that tragedy that was Columbine, think before you scarf down those next 15 devil dogs.?" If you're talking to me i don't see the connection. The holywood crowd are just a bunch of good looking...
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    would anyone pay 50k for a TTA?

    If you had any idea the alternatives that much money could buy in Asia you wouldn't be thinking about putting it on a 15 yr or so old car.
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    An open answer to Martin Sheens Puke

    I'm going to do my best to present a moderate opinion to pull things together rather than polarize. Nice letter by the girl from her heart. Actually it's so sorrowful I hope it's not true, but quite possibly so. Screw the actors, just a bunch of idiots that can memorize lines.. When this...
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    opinion of C4 vette vs C5....

    Jesus, Mary, and Joseph... I haven't had a corvette since selling my 95 ZR1 in 96. Now you guys got me wondering how much better they are now. Hail Mary full of grace, my Buicks are with me, blessed are they among cars and blessed is the gsx among them. Holy Mary pray for us sinners, etc...
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    Al Jazeera Hacked

    Whoever they are and whatever you want to label them, I say THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I want to give the arabs the benefit of the doubt that they don't see the reality. But we also see reality through our own eyes. Like Forest Gump said, "Maybe it's a little of both.". But stupidly biased...
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    What is my car worth?

    Probably a better question is what do you want to get for it? If you want a real opinion, I suggest you get an appraisal at a good muscle car specialist. I've been surprised doing that with my cars, mostly on the downside. But it's the right center point. As far as selling goes, you can get...
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    VIN Question

    This is probably easy for someone that knows. I'm in the category of people that knows I don't know. VIN on my 87GN is 1G4GJ1173HP444274 I see some people saying GN #XX of XX made. So is it possible with this VIN to say this is the somenumber GN made in '87? The logic escapes me, but of...
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    What are your 60 ft's on street tires?

    For what it's worth, I did 2.163 on original factory tires full inflation. That was with almost no boost. With boost, they just spin.
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    Boost Guage Doesn't Work

    Thanks for that info, John. The internet (and these Buick boards) are so amazing. Ask a question and get an answer in just a few minutes. It's like the giant big head of knowledge. And open for business 24x7.
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    Boost Guage Doesn't Work

    They say there are no dumb questions. Okay here's one. I've got a straight stock 87GN with 15K miles on the OD. Just got it this year and drove it only a few times. Idiot lights, but has the electronic tach and boost guage as I think they all do. Tach works fine but no boost guage...