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    FEELER: '87 Regal Limited, Turbo T

    sometimes we sell cars and kick yourselves in the ass :mad: your looking for a hard car to find white with w leather etc have see maybe two one that was nice and the other a rotted shitbox good luck and dont sell without one lined up you may be looking for...
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    Header panel

    have a used one that came off a 87 regal will have emblem hole from factory will need to be filled easy anyway will need paint to match your car good luck
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    MMMMMM BOOBS :p try credit union and don t pay for boobs and never never do drugs kids
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    Bought a light blue 87 T, Car arrived today.

    Did you check the trunk she may be in it ;) great looking car
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    Hennessey releases details on Chevy SS upgrades, most powerful offers 1,000 hp

    Two me its just another 4 door car When I started driving in the stone age the 80 s You would nt look at a 4 door:wtf: unless winter was right around the corner just my 2 cents
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    Spotted 2015 Regal

    He s telling the truth I know this guy who has a friend that knows this lady that talked to someone that bought one (y)
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    Is a Turbo Buick a good starter/project car for a teenager?

    Pronto you got to start sometime (y)
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    GNX 239 Has a new Owner

    Good to see it being saved Please keep use posted
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    87 T type w/ 54k miles

    wow looks sooo much better with chrome (y) GLWS
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    Looking for a t-type or Gn/ trades

    Good luck w hunt and get in touch when you get one also if you still have taillights I will cove get them
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    Looking for a t-type or Gn/ trades

    HEY CHRIS have a nice low mile blue t :cool: How s things
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    OMG Im getting old

    Ordered a new GN in 1987 And my oldest turned 25 today will be 48 in march Time goes by to quick wish I knew then what I know now And I am still a dumb ass because I keep getting this cars :rage:
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    1987 Buick T in California

    Nice love the chrome had to sell my rosewood car because of no chrome :( would nt got to low on price GLWS someone will jump, on it
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    1987 Rosewood Limited Question

    o I guess more than what you payed for it hows car and things 10 to 11 k yes it is rear
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    What does everybody think of theTurboBuick.Com new update

    Nice but need a flash light little to dark
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    thank you but found a car
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    2014 GS Nationals 25th anniversary of Super 16 Reunion

    LIl Joe was bad ass never forgot that car
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    did you sell radio delete plate interested
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    What is this????

    LOL Hope it was nt hot:D
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    Renter & House in Foreclosure?!

    x2 and if your interested in place get ahold of bank and see how far behind payments are