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    whats the bottom dollar?

    whats the bottom dollar?
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    does the scan master show cross counts and does the recall work

    does the scan master show cross counts and does the recall work
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    Brake lights, Cruise, Dash Lights

    No, I am not sure why the left side dash lights don't work. Right side does and external functions work, but the dah doesn't indicate brights left turn, and all the other warning lights.
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    Brake lights, Cruise, Dash Lights

    I was not fully engaging the plunger on the cruise sensor to the brake pedal. So cruise is fixed.
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    Brake lights, Cruise, Dash Lights

    I rotated a white plastic half moon shape part and it solved the brake lights.
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    Brake lights, Cruise, Dash Lights

    My backup lights are on in park and off in reverse My cruise isn't working.--Fuse isn't blown Some of my dash lights don't work. Left turn signal works, but not on the dash (I changed bulbs, no change. brights aren't lit on the dash, but the headlamps work on the car. I have a feeling...
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    Air Dam Bracket/Eustachian

    I need a bracket that the air dam will attach to, drivers side. Also need one of the long door door Eustachian with the 90* which is the rear cover. Please and thanks 5154601541 is best
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    Temp guage vs. Scanmaster reading

    Guages I'd believe the scanmaster far before these guages. i don't care if its autometer, VDO Quickcar, they are all being mass produced and the quality is not what it used to be. i have sold more guages than the law allows and this is a very common problem.
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    Iowa Turbo Buicks

    I'm in the ft dodge area.
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    Iowa Turbo Buicks

    75 Miles. Racing at park jefferson Speedway on Friday Night. come see some dirt get thrown and say hi. Brett
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    Iowa Turbo Buicks

    Wow HIGH PSI I have the knowledge of the circle cars, now I want the knowledge you have on these buicks. no i was really busy, I was going to go racing in webster city saturday but we got rained out. then i was going to go to boone and instead i kept dolling up the Buick. But now the...
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    Iowa Turbo Buicks

    Thanks when is it and where? also when is bowling green?
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    Iowa Turbo Buicks

    Hello All. Well I used to read this borad about 5 years ago I believe. Anyway i am on my 3rd Turbo regal. 1st Grand National-- bought this car in richmand Virginia from a serious turbo regal collector. It was actually Powahatan, VA. I would love to talk to that guy again. anyway got an 86...
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    Switch just did my 2nd swap to vaccum on a buick. pm me and u will spend 50 bucks for a swap. 3 hours of labor ---the work sucks doing it though. Brett
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    Just a few questions i need some help with.

    thats an awesome response. thanks
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    Scanmaster directions/General Help Needed

    Hello all. Believe it or not I am on my 3rd Turbo Buick. I am a good mechanically minded person, however when i started buying these cars i liked them because i bought them tuned and fast. Now on the other hand I have bought a used Turbo T and came equipped with a scanmaster. I am needing...
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    Turbo t floor mats

    hello- I just bought a 87 Turbo T. it is a maroon interior car. what did the turbo t's have for floor mats. My previous grand nationals had factory floormats and I would like to put some nice looking turbo 6 mats or stock mats in this new car. thanks in advance.