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    Rollmaster timing set instructions

    Thanks! I found the rest of the instructions online for advance and retard...
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    Rollmaster timing set instructions

    Was able to find some instructions from Australia--so never mind! J
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    Rollmaster timing set instructions

    Can anyone help with this? Putting in some used parts and no longer have the instructions. TIA!
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    Need help with Rollmaster timing marks

    Hope someone can help with the Rollmaster instructions. This old thread no longer has any pics to guide me--and search resulted in nothing of use... Thanks in advance!
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    Best Exhaust

    Gn1 or RJC. As Mr. Fix it said above, it depends on what you are looking for. The wife loves the sound of the GN-1 on her T...
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    Solar panels? Anyone have them?

    Wow, Earl. Just Wow. Really like that still...
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    Need some advice with tranny oil cooling lines

    That should work for you. I went to a hose house and had some (after measuring for the right length) Aeroquip hoses with barb ends made up with the proper threads on the ends. Ran them along the frame out of the way. Have worked perfectly for 15 years. When you pull the engine, you can leave the...
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    Frustrated not having INBOX nor Notification Box

    I find myself showing up here a lot less often due to this ongoing glitch---sorry, but that's the way it is.
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    Tranny question, but better off asking here w/pics

    Yes--but as the bolts worked their way out, they may have damaged the original threads in the aluminum case.
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    Crazy Request Time

    I had this same issue with a 10" PTC converter that I purchased from one of the good vendors for the wife's T. There was no way in Hell that it would fully seat. The solution was to send it back and go with a Vigilante TC, which installed effortlessly with no problem. Do not want to bash any...
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    transmission failure after installing new radiator?????

    About a month ago, I installed a new Alradco in my GN. Before I put it in the car, I noted that the cooler ports were both covered with a clear tape; (a good thing(y)), but I decided to hook up a fitting to a garden hose, place the radiator in a large pan, and run a couple of gallons of water...
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    very bad oil leak from new TA cover

    I have also encountered a big oil leak in this same area with a Chinese cover. If I ever have to use one again, I will take the time to really go over it before installation. Meanwhile, NOS covers are what I'm using now...
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    No start condition need help

    If you have masochistic tendencies, this is the car for you.
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    Hello from Australia!

    Recently heard that all car manufacturing will be over and done with Down Under in the next couple of years. This is a damn sad bit of news for all of us...
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    Who makes these gauges

    That would be correct. I am still running my ESP with no issues, however, I recently purchased a newer one that will soon be installed.
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    Hello from Australia!

    Trade you my GN for a modded Holden Ute!
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    Who makes these gauges

    That is an old Eastern Performance coil pack. Used to buy stuff from them a long time ago--do not know what happened to them...
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    Great stupid Junkyard find

    The original header on my GN has not fared well over the years and has some cracks in it--I was able to pick up a spare off of a theft recovery T-Type some years back and plan on changing it soon. I've heard that the reproduction header panels do not fit anywhere near as good as the original...
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    Great stupid Junkyard find

    Hell yeah!
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    Great stupid Junkyard find

    You should go back for the rest of the car! It would make a neat cruiser....:whistle::LOL: