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  1. J

    Question on How Much You Driver Your Turbo Regals

    in the summer i drive mine everyday, probably about 2-3k miles a year
  2. J

    Power Tour pic of the car.

    looks awesome! wish i could do it this year
  3. J

    Well I went n did it !

    my dad gave me my 86 about 6 years ago, dont ever plan on getting rid of it, best gift i could have ever asked for
  4. J

    cant get it running right

    I do have a hot wire kit, as mentioned in my sig, I was thinking it could be my coil pack will test it
  5. J

    cant get it running right

    will work on it tomorrow, thanks guys! and ill keep you posted
  6. J

    cant get it running right

    02s at WOT are 000
  7. J

    cant get it running right

    yes stock maf
  8. J

    cant get it running right

    alky is on, boost is about 18 psi, its a turbo tweak chip, i have a new walbro pump, i dont have a cat, ill keep looking for anything that could have gone bad
  9. J

    cant get it running right

    havent gotten it yet should have it by early this week
  10. J

    cant get it running right

    i do have a scanmaster and its not showing any codes, and yeah i can roll into the throttle to full boost and it will be fine its only when i mash the gas i have problems, thanks
  11. J

    cant get it running right

    hey guys iv done a lot of work to my car recently and now its not running good at all, i just installed 42lb injectors and chip to match, 3 inch down pipe, alky kit and some other things, it runs good until i get on it, then it sputters or if i go WOT it will back fire like crazy, it smells like...
  12. J


    i have one that meets all the requirements
  13. J

    Marker lights

    how much? can i see a pic? thank you!
  14. J

    Parting out a 87 GN

    driver side marker light?
  15. J

    1987 gn part out

    need a driver side marker light BAD! lemme know
  16. J

    Baer Brake Pics

    how much was the baer kit?
  17. J

    What a disgrace to a GN!!!

    someone needs to buy it and get rid of the flames and exhaust. the red in the engine compartment is way too much for my taste.
  18. J

    Marker lights

    Will pay for it today