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    Air dam

    Ok. Just so you know, and to help maintain proper air-flow and cooling you would want to do one of two things: A) go with the 84-85 style James referenced above so that it doesn't have the notched out passage for the intercooler scoop to sit that would let the air channel through and bypass...
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    Driver's Side A-Pillar for 87 GN

    Did you ever find your a-pillar? I have some out in the parts stash...
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    Stock Charcoal Canister brackets

    Let me know if you still need them, and hopefully a pic of the correct ones. I have a stash of spare canisters in the garage and believe most if not all have brackets on them, I'd just want to make sure they were correct first
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    Wtb regal limited hood ornament

    For a turbo limited with black background and says turbo on it, or the basic blue square crest? Also, assuming for the 84-87 curved header panel or the 81-83 flat top style?
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    Air dam

    Are you looking for the long flat black piece that bolts to the bottom of the core support, maybe 4-5" tall and 4 feet wide or so? If so I have a couple out in the garage....
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    WTB Front Inner Bumper Support

    Where are you located, and are you looking for a normal steel reinforcement, aluminum reinforcement, or one of export reinforcement ts with the two brackets and crossbar?
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    NOS a/c condenser and evaporator

    Let's try these...
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    NOS a/c condenser and evaporator

    I'm not bothering converting back to r12 so no longer need these parts I gathered. Condenser is sealed in box, the later design, ac delco part number 15-6983. I'm not opening the box, so if you want to see the new design ones out if a box look on the highway stars website. Evaporator did not...
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    Drivers side A pillar trim, grey

    Pm'd you this morning, I was away on a road trip to new england for vacation. You never paid on time so I assumed you did not want it before I left: You first said you'd paypal on the 5th - didn't happen. Then you said you forgot and you'd paypal on the 7th - didn't happen. Finally it looks...
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    Grey Steering Wheel with Ring & Button; Digital Dash; Shifter assby w/ Tan Handle

    All parts located in Cobb Co. Georgia, prices are plus shipping and pictures follow below: Floor Shifter assembly with tan handle, includes cotter pins and retainer clip. I've included pictures for you to verify, I cannot recall if this came from a 3spd or 4 spd car. May consider selling the...
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    Contact Bob Hebert, Intercooled88s here on the board. He has a bunch of those cars for parts up at his place
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    Front license plate bracket

    I haven't heard anything back over the weekend, but let's give him a couple more days - I know many times I'm not on the board for a bit. I may also have more up on a shelf, this one was just loose on the counter from another box I was digging in so I knew I had the one. I'll take a look for...
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    Drivers side A pillar trim, grey

    I have a pair of them I could do for $35 shipped to indiana if you were interested, just let me know.
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    Front license plate bracket

    I have one I could do $23 shipped on. I would need to see if I have some bolts to attach it to the bumper - if I did that would be included at no extra charge as well, and if not, you would need a pair from the hardware store.
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    Stay Down License Plate Brackets - $20 shipped to lower 48

    Found a box with a few of these in it on a shelf in the garage, ready to be painted to match your car. If you need one let me know.