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    Your thoughts on Rock Island 1911

    Love mine! 45acp
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    questions on undercoating

    I went to Walmart and i got the Plasticoat brad bed liner and it seems to be doing good. Now the car has been on hold for a few years now. Been dealing with other life changing events.
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    First time what to purchase

    The best to do is talk to your friends. Have them bring there toys out and let you shoot them. Renting from a gun store with a range works well too. If you can test drive a car then test drive a gun. Thers guns you will like, and buy, then shoot them, and well you find out that it just was not...
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    Looking for some help!

    I have a 68/69 350 olds that i want in my project regal. I will say i know nothing about turbos other than thy make them go fast!!! I do understand the basic's of how they work. I want to twin turbo this beast! Its still stock. I really dont want to bore and all that happy stuff just want to add...
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    won this lastnight!

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    Do you guys keep a loaded gun near when you go to sleep?

    The 38 spl. S&W is ready to mess up some ones day! If that dont work got the single shot 12ga. for back up along with all the rest!
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    Good Gun For Home Protection?

    nothing wrong with a 38 spl. was used for years in the police departments. Not as powerfull as the 357 mag', but the 38 has a recoil that most femails can handle. Thats the first gun in my home that i will grab. love my 38 K frame S&W.
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    Winning eBay Bidding

    ROFLMAO!!!!!! you and what army?
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    Deeply Desirable Destructive Device

    I talked with a guy that has a 44 and reloads. He said that for plinking he uses Unique. Its cheeper and you use less powder. But if you do put a roll crimp on it the Unique will burn better. I did find a few loads in the Lee man. useing Blue dot. 200 gr. jacketed bullet start at 16.1, max is...
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    Winning eBay Bidding

    I was not implying that she had a big butt! LOL I spelled wrong. I was saying that she looks good for her age.
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    Deeply Desirable Destructive Device

    go to there might be some loads thier. if not i think the Lee reloading man. will offer some help. i can look in my Lee man. tomarrow , i happen to be at work right now.
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    Winning eBay Bidding

    thease guys yould like to see her you sent me a few picks and i will say she is onne butty of a car.
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    Get well charlief1

    Glad to here that things went well. get well soon
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    Just a BIG thank you!

    LOL! Nope not at all.
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    Just a BIG thank you!

    LOL! not going to work that way. the samples are ones that we have had to scrap out but still ok to look at, and they are out of tolarance.
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    Just a BIG thank you!

    I have just heard we did just produce a set of rods for someone that has a 3.8 Buick. (About 2 weeks ago) I work 3rd shift so i cannot get all the imfo. But it was a special order and the buyer had to pay a bit more for them. So if it was someone here on the board i hope you like them!
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    Just a BIG thank you!

    I did find you that yes they will send sample rods to any one that calls the sales deparnment. It is set up with them. Ask for Art, or Don.
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    Just a BIG thank you!

    Your welcome! We all take lots of pride to do our work. We have very tight tolorances.
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    Just a BIG thank you!

    I think they do to big engine builders but as far as i know its just the rods for the V8's that they send samples. I have triyed to talk to them about getting in the buick V6 rods and cranks but they dont feel that the market will sell. So i bet that if most of you here make enough calls, it...
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    Just a BIG thank you!

    Yes i did forget to say that. Yes we do make the blanks. We start with 100% US made steel and machine about 90%, then we send them to Comp Cams and the do the finish to the specifacations that you all want for the V6. So in reality we make the cam.