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    Contact information for Paul Castle

    Well let the bashing begin. I for one have always enjoyed dealing with Paul . Always frendly and most important, good parts!
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    It’s time to say goodbye

    Ray, you are an inspiration to me! A lot of folks would have packed up and been bitter the hand delt to them. Every time you came to Richards you are upbeat and always have a smile and knowing your car went to an equally passionate person shows your perseverance and passion for the Buick Grand...
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    Are the new door shells any good?

    I have installed a set from Gbody parts and they are a terrific replacement. All the holes are correct, no dents , no rust and they fit great.Id never consider used doors again
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    TTop header panel

    The gbody parts are exact fit. I just finished doing one in much worse condition. The pics are not really showing the a pillar.
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    Factory Lug Nut Types?

    Charles, looks like the one left is t wheel lug. The one stamped metric is for steel gn wheels. Drive over , see rc and get a complete history of lugnuts with visual aids.
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    Any Social Workers here?

    Good luck to the op. Social work is and will always be an uphill climb. My advive is get a grasp on mental health first. That will help your understanding on The real world plight of us all.
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    Weather striping

    I have used metro, soft seal, gm and steele . They all have issues. In the end its the more time you spend on prep and trial fitment they all fit. The one product i do think helps is the window turbo which gives the glass a bit more force to seal . In my opinion that is so let the bashing begin!
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    Paint job cost Rhode Island

    Of course the price can vary due to how many paint jobs it has, how well they were done. Stripping, minor body repair and painting including jambs here in north carolina runs about 6000.00. Id do the jambs because even if they look ok wont after .
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    More shows...

    Glad to see someone driving and enjoying !
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    what happened to the one piece bumper 's?

    A fellow at Richard Clarks show in 09 had a set on his car. Shaved door handles and trailer hitch to tow his sailboat all over the country. Cool looking! Scot W do you recall this car. Think the guy from Chicago ??
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    what happened to the one piece bumper 's?

    Are the bumpers your talking about having the fillers and bumpers as one piece?
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    Paint Repair /Undo Touch ups

    First measure paint thickness. Some paint shops have paint guages. 3to 4 mils was oe . All your speaking about is covering up problems not really repairing.
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    Introducing the WindowTurbo

    How about some popcorn? 1 bag or 2?
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    ANyone besides Rob Wilson able to tell a GNX from Vin.# ?

    Contact Richard Clarks garage. He has a list
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    Fiberglass hood spring- where to get?

    I think your asking about the spring on the front of the hood correct? I am also looking for one as well. I'm going to attempt to cut my oe one? Also I remember the tta rear decklid had 2 spring/ adjusters that may work??
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    Who can weld Stock drivers headers on here

    Richard Clarks garage has a fixture and a surface sander. A top notch welder as well
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    TH400 swap

    I agree the th 400 could get more power to the pavement . The 200 in the tr as a package if built correct can and has constantly put power to pavement with the limits of the v6 power . It just seems a lot more work and money to adapt the 400 . The 4 l 60 is another matter.
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    TH400 swap

    Not wishing a bashing but seems the th400 although a good trans is a step back . The 200 is much more suitable for the tr .