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    Tailgate for my Hybrid wagon

    After 12 years as my daily driver my wagon got smacked in the rear by some bone-head. Car isn't totaled but tailgate needs to be replaced. I've seen several others on this forum that have hybrid wagons so I thought this might be the best place to start. All G-body wagons use the same tailgate...
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    Need a tailgate for my Hybrid wagon

    Got rearended yesterday in my daily driver 1981 Olds Curlass Crusier wagon. Tailgate is shot. Insurance wants to total the car, won't give me what it's worth. All I really need is a new tailgate, can fix the rest. Chevy Malibu and Buick G-body wagons are the same. Anybody know of a tailgate...
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    carfax please

    I am looking at an '87 Turbo Regal on craigslist. Not sure if it's Canadian or US. Would like a little background before I call the guy. VIN # 1G4GM1175HP407248. I'd appreciate it if anyone could help. Send it to: Thanks.
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    Good Mechanic in Portland or Seattle

    sure, give me a call, pm'ed my number
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    Engine Rebuild Kit

    Have an ad in Parts For Sale for a complete engine rebuild kit. $1700 worth of parts. I'll sell it all locally for $700, no shipping. I'm in Portland, anyone from Seattle I can meet you half way. Check it out.
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    Complete Engine Rebuild Parts/Kit for mostly stock - 1/2 price

    Kit now includes set of ARP main cap studs. Somehow they were missed on the original post. Another $66 value. No increase to the total price. Remains at $800....for now.
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    Complete Engine Rebuild Parts/Kit for mostly stock - 1/2 price

    Have everything you need to rebuild a turbo motor back to mostly stock. For comparison I Have looked up and am showing the price of each item if bought separately. I am selling the entire package for about half, shipped, $800 . All parts are new and never installed. Do not want to separate...
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    wtb The plastic screen in the intercooler scoop

    just so we're clear, this is what you're looking for, right?
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    wtb The plastic screen in the intercooler scoop

    I have an extra screen you can have. Just pay shipping from 97223, Portland , OR...$12
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    Turbo Thunder XX July 20, 2019 at Woodburn Oregon

    Woodburn? Great, I'll be there. I'll see if I can get some of the other locals to come.
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    Chrome water cooled up-pipe

    Sorry, went to mtocrs1 minutes after it was posted
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    Chrome water cooled up-pipe

    Any idea how much these were new?
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    Chrome water cooled up-pipe

    Found this in a box of stuff I got in a package deal. Supposed to cool the intake by circulating water through hoses and fittings. Don't know how you'd circulate the water. Anybody wants this it's yours, no cost, just pay the shipping. Think it weighs 3-4 lbs. PM me your zip and I'll figure...
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    Cadmium plated vacuum brake canisters, New in box - $60, Used - $25

    Have 2 cadmium plated canisters for vacuum brake set ups. Both are 9 inch. One is brand new, never installed, in the box for $60 plus shipping. The other has been used. A few scratches and plating is a bit faded - $25 plus shipping
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    Are you a gearhead?

    For those of you who missed it the last time, here it is again.
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    1/8 mile, finally into the 6's

    Have been running this same combo for over 5 years and never could post a decent 60' time. Put on new soft compound brake pads and now I can run 5-6 lbs boost at the starting line. Have had a best 1.49 sec 60' just off the brake. I'm #145F in the left lane. Also I'm getting a little older...
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    GN wheels

    yep, he got hold of me and he's taking the wheels
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    Cam Sensor - new, never installed - $110 shipped

    Have a new cam sensor with cap and box, never installed. There is a repair on one of the cap wires inside the black shroud.