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    87 Regal neutral safety switch

    I finally got enough time to replace the switch. Geez, you were not kidding when you said 20 minutes, more like an hour on two different occasions, with lots of bright flashlights. That is a son of gun. One thing though, I got lucky with the install and didn't have to make any adjustments once I...
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    Turning my GN into elec fence temporary

    I wrote a book a long time ago titled "I didn't kill my wife's cat, but if I did this is how would to it " LOL
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    wow...sad day for GNX #239

    That's more like it LOL
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    wow...sad day for GNX #239

    LOL, you must be in cahoots with the person trying to get $30k for the GNX. Why would someone pay $30K for the POS on Craigslist ? We don't even know if it's even legit. You might as well buy GNX# 234 with 64K miles on eBay for a buy it now price of $39k (it's on auction right now).
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    Truly the worst GN to date

    Holy Hood-Ratz Boy Wonder, What The Flock !!!
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    wow...sad day for GNX #239

    With the pictures looking more like it might be worth $10K with another $10k to rebuild. Factor in the 73k miles probably better off buying a GN already in good condition for $20 to $25k.
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    1986 Buick Regal Presidential Edition

    True no-one wants a smooth hood, gotta have that bump.
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    1986 Buick Regal Presidential Edition

    I can just imagine Reagan looking all Regal in this Presidential Regal LOL
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    See anything wrong with this ecu? ECU getting HOT!

    Have the low z injectors ever worked without issues in your car ?
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    wow...sad day for GNX #239

    True but if it was insured the repairs would have been covered unless it was totaled out by the insurance company. Hence the salvaged title I mentioned.....thus making it a bad investment
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    wow...sad day for GNX #239

    No way is that car worth $30k. It probably has a salvaged title.
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    does anyone know what these are for

    Good luck with that bird's nest. I have the same problem. The previous owner of my car did a lot of electrical modifications, various splices, cables that dead end to no where, etc. The good thing is the car runs great but a real pain when trying to trouble shoot electrical problems.
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    My First 87 T Type

    You may not be into putting pictures online but they may help you to get a more informed answer to your question. I'm sure you can post a lot of details but as they say a picture says it all with a lot less effort. Another thing to think about is whether or not you are happy with your new...
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    Cool story on a true sleeper with GN drivetrain!

    What you talkin' 'bout Willis...not enough gauges. He needs a PSPMPM Gauge :rolleyes: (Passenger Seat Piss My Pants Moisture) gauge LOL
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    1989 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am 8373 miles, 1 Owner AZ car

    Beautiful car. Good Luck finding a new home for it.
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    Cheating wife?

    LOL. Good one. At first I was like what kind of nut posts this stuff on a Buick forum.
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    87 Regal neutral safety switch

    Consider it done, TWA or Eastern Airlines ? LOL
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    87 Regal neutral safety switch

    WOW, I didn't expect this kind of response ! Awesome, I almost feel like I should be paying for this info. This is a great tip. Let me know if you need something from Hawaii, calender, Kona coffee, etc.
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    Aloha, glad to see a fellow Buick owner. I moved over from Oahu about a year ago. I live up...

    Aloha, glad to see a fellow Buick owner. I moved over from Oahu about a year ago. I live up Waimea side. I'll keep an eye out for you on the road. 87 TR, Dark Red.
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    87 Regal neutral safety switch

    No, not having problems starting the car. I actually runs/starts very well. My only issues are the rear parking lights (night-time driving) and reverse lights. I will look for the cutout but I have to say that is a very tight area to check.