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    ign control mod.

    x2. great people and great products
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    I need this part.... i think this is what you need
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    OEM MAF Air Hose

    Air Intake Duct - GM OEM 25525662
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    42.5# chip

    looking for a chip for the 42.5#ers. if you have one layin around let me know.
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    parts forsale..lots

    Pm on new cam sensor
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    Headers stainless steel, From Kirbans, (TA)

    yikes!! these dont look like the TA headers. Give me a call so we can figure out what happened. thanks, Darin 614-579-2032
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    OFFICIAL: wheel/tire picture thread... show em off!

    Ya the adapters are needed. I found out the hard way. I thought it would fit without. The adapters are not a big deal though except costing me more money. the 255 in rear have no issues.
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    OFFICIAL: wheel/tire picture thread... show em off!

    16x8 Riken GNX style wheels reconditioned all black. 4.5 back spacing with 1.5 wheel adapters all around. BF Goodrich G Force 245 50 16 front 255 50 16 rear
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    all black gnx wheel

    they are G-Force Sport. They work out nice!
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    all black gnx wheel

    thanks for the view! the windows are tinted though, just not dark enough. if i go darker ill be gettin pulled over with a ticket for bein to dark. another sweet ohio law:D
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    Parts F/S

    pm sent
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    Fuel Pump Lifespan Question

    what is the process to checking the relay behind the bumper? im obviously having the same problem.
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    what do ya think?

    i just put on 16x8 gnx style rims with 4.5 in. backspacing in front and back. had rubbing in the rear and front when the wheel was turned. i needed to buy 1.5 inch spacers and fit perfect now.
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    BONE STOCK Turbo Tweak 5.6 chip

    next in line. pm sent
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    all black gnx wheel

    not a good pic of the car with the wheels. but you get the idea. and i totally agree with the too much black! im going to change it again but wanted peeps to see what it would look like b-4 doin it. the car is silver not white. just needs a new paint job! want more input and opinions...
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    all black gnx wheel

    16x8 Riken gnx style wheel that i had reconditioned all black. i have the kirban centers/lugs/lug caps. thought it would be interesting to see everyones opinions and comments! then ill give mine.
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    Injectors, MAf, GEN II Translator, Computer

    PM sent on TT chip for stock inj. ill take it!
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    Misc parts and wheels for sale

    pm on oil/ water gauges