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  1. WNoahT

    Alignment help needed

    Hello I replaced the whole front suspension on my Buick New bmr lower control arms, qa1 coil overs, ball joints, Also replaced the inner and outer tie rods,idler arm, center link and sway bar end links. The only thing I didn’t replace was the upper control arm bushings Matched up the new and...
  2. WNoahT

    TTA Seatbelts

    Hello Does anyone have Beachwood TTA seatbelts, I need front and back including the receivers thanks for the help
  3. WNoahT

    New Art Carr 200r4 won’t shift 2-3 wot

    Hello I purchased a fully built 200r4 from Art Carr It will shift 1-2 wot But won’t shift/holds the shift long 2-3 wot Tv has been set with the pan off If i drive the car normally it shifts through all gears fine But it does downshift with a hard clunk Does anyone have an idea of what it...