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    Misc parts off 85 t-type

    all are plus shipping Turbotweak chip newest set for 30lb stock mild tune 93 gas 50$ LT1 alternator with 85 NA bracket 80$ LT1 starter aka mini starter 70$ 86-87 Stainless steel headers used 80 $ LT1 dual fans 80$ dual relay kit and thermo switch 20$ AEM dryflow 4''x9 filter...
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    Hot air parts Needed

    I got a DP, want some pics?? nice condition. Off 85 t-type with 60k.
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    TURBO's and HOTAIR

    I think the stock or TA33 should be fine, Alky, Cry o2 intake cooler, Should all help lower temps. Tho a Intercooler is hardware, not like alky or other ways of cooling. We all do what we can to work with the HA, Turbo wrap(or hi temp ) turbo, UP,DP, better flowing exhaust. Cold air intake. Now...
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    Turbo /water cooled

    Anyone running a T3 oil/water cooled turbo?? I plan to have another turbo rebuilt from Blaastperformance. Add the water cooled option and 360 thrust bearing again. Will this add in Lowering turbo temps or a waste of money?? From what i read it will help all around. How to run water lines to it...
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    Dual oil filter along with tranny filter

    While my car is down for repair along with putting the posi trac in/axles(maybe,busy), putting an overide fan switch, Basic stuff. Time for an oil change as well. I had plan to do this but wanted feedback(like always) Anyone running dual oil filters if so will this bolt right up? Adaptors will...
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    Hello to all.

    Have you did some spring cleaning?? tune up?? anything new with the car yet??
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    T3 M10

    Turbo for sale Rebuilt from Upgraded 360thrust bearing this is for a Hot air(84-85 TR) less then 1400miles on it. Non smoker ask for details.400
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    Puff of smoke on startup

    Could be a turbo ready to go out. Tho if its a bad turbo you will know. ENDLESS SMOKE/WHITE/OIL RICH SMELL. Hope thats not the case here. What kinda breather do you have?? is it oil soaked?? Hope this is not the case. I had my turbo rebuilt at you could also send it to...
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    I got edelbrocks all around and car feels great, Much better then my monroe GT(or whatever 90's series) Car was being updated so i had some time, and bought the shocks in pairs.
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    Wheel studs

    I plan to change studs as well. Which are stronger, press in or threaded? let me know how much it cost you i plan on doing the same. ;)
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    Heading out to the junkyard

    HEAD OUT TO THE HIGHWAY!!!! haha alright is saw come braces on the malibu wagons, alot of bigger sway bars I guess what im asking for is a list of things to look for and from what cars/model years Rear/front sway bars Starters(LT1 is lighter yes??) Just a list of what to look for...
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    More Turbos?

    Another thing, as for the compressor side, IF you found a turbo with .60 size or the 86/87 model. Couldnt someone just take that comp side off and use a HA compressor side?? Lets say someone with a HA gets a IC turbo. COuldnt they just swap out compressor housings and thats that?? like if...
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    More Turbos?

    Check ebay sometimes you can find a low miles core or Buick turbo to work with. Check it out, im starting to see more HA parts on there. Good luck
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    spark plug wires?

    SUmmit, try looking up the model, engine etc. should have a few picks to choose from. Some say stock is good, others MSD or taylor up to the owner/mods i guess;)
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    Hello to all.

    PS for that PINHOLE in the DP if you can reach it, get exhaust repair kit well its called MUFFLER repair kit. bout 10 dolllars at a autoparts store. Wrap up that pipe, can't enjoy the car if you die from all those fumes no joke.:cool: as for your miles on the car, i got less then 55k on...
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    Hello to all.

    congrats on getting a HA TR. If its a 84 bone stock its hot air. hmm let me take a breather 1st......ok depends on what you want to do with the car?restore, update it, get into the low 11's?? Scan tool is limited to 84/85 so a ECM upgrade to the 86/87 ECM will give you more options to...
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    i like what came with my hooker kit, hooker aero chambers. If not its up to you, heard dynomax bullets were great. The aero chambers are great to me tho, at idle sounds great muscle car tones, cruzing sounds good still, highway well cant tell really but sure others can haha ;) adj wastegate...
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    Rear end quick answers

    yeah i found a posi 8.5 leaf spring on a camero(shark body 70's) i can use that?? great, i forgot how to tell the gear ratio on it?? the rear was dropped already 2 and diff cover taken off. insides looked great, no rust at all. need to find out how much diff are at the junk.
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    Rear end quick answers

    Any model i should look at for the 30 spline posi??
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    Rear end quick answers

    i thought i couldnt run a spool?? yeah if i can get a posi 30 spline thats fine with me. I have a 8.5 rear end and i look at the junkyard today for any all 7.5 or if they were 8.5 it was older cars leaf springs. Tho it looked to be Posi Units (off a 70's camero) i wonder if i can use it. rear...