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    Fast xfi comp port to usb adapter cable

    Nevermind i fixed the issue.
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    Fast xfi comp port to usb adapter cable

    ? This is the adapter i am talking about.....came with my xfi (years ago) but does not work properly with Windows 7.
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    Fast xfi comp port to usb adapter cable

    I switched to a windows 7 pro operating system and it keeps crashing with xfi connected, works perfect with everything else.. USB adapter cable worked fine with an older operating system (XP) but now i can only tune for about 30 seconds at a time and i've tried all the drivers and updates...
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    cyclops air dam

    I'm interested in the Y pipe if you still have it. Thanks.
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    AEM's new v3 nozzle and razor's kit

    Hello, i'm interested in the controller if you want to part with it. Thanks.
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    Fast Xfi Data Log Target A/F.

    Hello, trying to get back into the swing of things....been a while! Data log shows: Actual A/F: 11 **Target A/F: 7.5** 11.5psi 5000rpm EGT 1: 1450 EGT 2: 1469 EGT 3: 1508 EGT 4: 1539 EGT5: 1508 EGT 6: 1557. 02 Correction 84* Spark adv: 23 INJ DC: 24 **Target A/F in XFI: in the 12 range on xfi...
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    Last call....
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    TH400 Transmission with Transbrake and Converter.

    I'll trade for a built 200r4 plus cash.
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    Yah Thanks. I was being sarcastic. Back on track if possible? If it was a scam I'd be selling it at a price too good to be true. ( Not directed at Coach). This is not a scam for all those paranoid schizophrenic's who are afraid of everything in life and peek out from behind curtains. I did not...
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    T Roof value?

    Thanks for your reply.
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    TH400 Transmission with Transbrake and Converter.

    I have a spare TH400 B.O.P. transmission with Hipster Transbrake- (looks unused) and 9" converter. This was built by Transware and freshened by them ( $565., have receipt)last year and has been stored since. When I got it back the bellhousing was cracked, I got it welded ($100) and it's as...
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    Last pictures.
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    A few more pictures. Still available. Mike.
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    Stainless GN1 KB style headers and 3.5 downpipe plus wastegate

    Title is misleading, gn1 are not Kenne Bell headers.
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    T Roof value?

    I have a spare set of t roof glass in original gm bags and I have the key to the locks. I've had these in storage for years just incase I might need them. My question is what is the current value on these? I can't seem to find any that gave sold for reference. Thanks.
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    TurboDave has Passed Away

    Hoping for the best, prayers sent.
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    Multiple User Names

    I must say the welcoming committee here is very welcoming to new members. I posted one thing for sale and two members accused my ad of being a scam because I'm a "new member", way to go with their "welcome". For what it's worth I've been around since 1992 in the Buick world,. I was told I need...
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    ATI dampner internal balancer

    I have both (bhj and ati)on separate motors and prefer the ATI, one big advantage is the timing marks on the ATI.