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    White 87 T central fl

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    White 87 T central fl

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    White 87 T central fl

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    White 87 T central fl

    Looking to sell my 1987 T. It's very documented since day one, and I am the second owner. 95k miles 1 repaint. Ac system is new all fluids have been serviced. Only mods are the cold air intake, 3in downpipe, 2.5 pypes exahust, scanmaster G, racetronixs 255lph pump, and hotwire kit. Very nice...
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    Need help!

    I have a stock 2004r in my GN. I was going about 15mph, and went wot. It pulled for about 3sec and completely let go. Now it will click into all gears but barley moves if you rev it. It does make a very faint noise when in gear. I checked the line pressures, and this is the results. 1000rpm...
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    WTB: 2in rear drop springs

    Does anyone have a set of belltech's 2in drop springs or another company making them? I rather replace the springs vs using a blocks. Thanks Mav
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    Just bought Sy 2271... many questions....

    My ABS light stays on, but it still stops fine. I'll be deleting it soon.
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    Internal gate fitment issue?

    Appreciate the advice!
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    Internal gate fitment issue?

    Just received my T/A 3in down pipe. I was looking at the internal gate, and it hits the pipe as you can see in the picture. I compared it to the stock stuff, and it only moves about half of what the stock setup does. Are all the T/A down pipes like this, and will it cause boost control issues...
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    Saved my Pennies , Looking for a Syclone

    Theres one down in Miami fl for around 16k I believe it seems to be decent lightly modded. Any chance you are selling any parts off the wreckage?
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    WTB: 3in downpipe and y pipe

    Looking for a internal waste gate 3in down pipe with preferably a test pipe with a cut out. Thanks!
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    Appreciate the advice!!
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    WTB Syclone/Typhoon intercooler

    In need of a upper intercooler for a syclone or Typhoon. Or possibly any companies what will re core it? Thanks
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    Looking for the stock upper intercooler for my 91 syclone. Mine has a leak if anyone know's if they are repairable let me know.
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    WTB: TA 3in down pipe

    Looking for a 3in TA down pipe with internal waste gate with the y pipe. Thanks!
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    WTB: aftermarket down/test pipe

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    WTB: aftermarket down/test pipe

    Looking for a down pipe with 02 bung already installed internal waste gate or external.
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    Ls1 Mass Airflow Sensor and Translator

    How much for the translator?