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    Limited87 Thumbs Up !!

    Anybody know what happened to g body been calling for 3 weeks and no answer what the f,,,,,
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    2014 Shelby GT500

    yeah and for 75 grand all you got is still a junky ass ford
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    Smoked Audi S4 twin turbo

    I totally agree gentek 10
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    I'm actually a Mustang guy........

    Y.ou have a ME TOO car !!!!!!!:p
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    Have engine rules changed?

    Well I guess you are done.....One thing about it, its better than a junky ford winning
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    Lots of Parts for sale!!!! Nos headlight bezel

    HEY Fatnat I will take the almost new instrument cluster. Call me at 502 460 3737
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    Stock Analog Dash Cluster

    1987 blue turbo t to be exact
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    Stock Analog Dash Cluster

    i am looking for a good clean analog dash cluster
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    interior and electronics has super quality carpet. I just bought some for my turbo t.
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    Gray T Type Interior

    Thanks Eazy-E, I talked to Brian today.
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    Gray T Type Interior

    Who sells the nicest gray interior for turbo t ? I've did some checking and found that has a pretty nice product,gray velour & patterned gray. No it's not a perfect match to the original but as close as I can find. Any suggestions...
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    Here we go again, MARCH GIVE AWAY!

    put me in !!!!!
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    January FREE Give Away! FRONT AIR DAM!!!

    Count Me In Too !!!!!!!:) :)
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    Tire help.

    Hey Matt37 I have a set of M&H street slicks. They have a little bit of of tread on them and have even been in the rain with them. Traction is good and have had them several years. I don't know if anybody else has had good service out of these tires but I sure have. I...
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    BIG GIVE AWAY!!! Nov. Contest!

    put me in!!!! thanks,Brian & Shane :)
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    silicone intercooler hose

    Silicone Hose G BODY PARTS.COM 717 359 9692 (phone) :)
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    #48 car Wow. ---20 car = Jerk.

    Thumbs Up I'm sure glad I found somebody on this site thats a GM guy :biggrin:
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    #48 car Wow. ---20 car = Jerk.

    No Fords Kenseth didn't let him around he had no choice a CHEVROLET was coming around...........see ya Kenseth. Anybody but a ford :rolleyes:
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    20 car

    what do you know? By the way its spelled EARNHARDT and there will never be another driver as good as EARNHARDT and why anybody would waste a Buick engine on a mustang......... :mad: