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    1986 Buick Grand NationalListed for charity Grand national Low Reserve Must Sell!

    Have to sell traveling for work mid Nov. paid $7500 invested $1500 selling for $4200. firm. This is a great deal. I am not trying to get my money back I really want someone who can make this car cherry to get it. text or call 918-704-6567 if interested. located in Catoosa Oklahoma right by...
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    Injector question

    Well after a search on the actual part number and not just injectors I found that the answer is they should be fine. Eric Stage I Eric Stage I is offline TurboTweak Guy Join Date: May 2001 Location: Salem, Illinois Trader Rating: (1) Posts: 1,378 Those will work fine. They are the Bosch...
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    Injector question

    Will a set of 42lb bosch injectors from a camaro fit on my GN. Part number is 0280150558 they are green and black. As I understand it injectors are universal But I wanted to make sure before my buddy ships them. Thanks! I know this may be a newbie question and I appreciate the help guys.
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    WTB 60lb injectors and chip

    I am all set
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    WTB 60lb injectors and chip

    Found the chip still looking for injectors.
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    Where Can Oil Leak From?

    HAHA! have to write them a thank you note!
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    Where Can Oil Leak From?

    HA Awesome Well I am done chasing mine then! Glad you posted this cause I have already spent two days tightening searching tightening to get mine to a small seepage. Thanks!
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    How much transmission fluid???

    You will need to buy 4 for just changing a filter 5-6 for a full removal. Last time I bought 5 just to be sure. Refill with at least 3 quarts. Start engine, let it idle, and check the transmission fluid level and add fluid to get the level just within the two dimples below the "Add" and "Full"...
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    WTB 60lb injectors and chip

    Cash in hand payment through paypal or check. Looking for 60lb injectors. would be nice to find a TT chip set for 91 street to go with them. thanks! 918-704-6567 ebay member Caged2319 bought lots of Perf parts! :D eBay Feedback Profile for caged2319
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    Cause im a newbie....duh! lol :D:cool:Just hope that the next dumb new guy that is looking for a turbo on some random site sees this and decides to go ahead and buy from sites listed or the board.
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    It was actually posted before when I bought the D5 and fuel pump from Bigjack7440 he has called a few times. Anytime one of you guys with tons more experience wants to call please do! GN owners don't worry me. A-holes trying to rip people off a "restocking fee" of more than $100 do! lol
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    Just joined TurboBuick been on TurboBuicks and have 65 posts just bought my GN last month. If you have any doubts about me call me 918-704-6567 that's more than you can say about
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    I ordered a 6262 turbo from Jays Racing I emailed them right before my order about the housing I would need and placed my order. The turbo I received had the incorrect housing. No big deal called both numbers provided left a message saying I needed an exchange. Called day two...
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    Whats up Beach?!:cool:

    Whats up Beach?!:cool:
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    WTN entry level parts! D5 converter injectors and morre!

    Thanks! I appreciate the advice and the parts! Still looking for and selling whats in my signature! Thanks guys!
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    WTN entry level parts! D5 converter injectors and morre!

    Make some money off your last upgrade or use the money for your next upgrade. (AND help a newbie lol) Contact Buddy Buie 918-704-6567 in Tulsa Oklahoma Shopping for WTB or Trade for Stock D5 Convertor Fuel Pump And Hotwire Kit Injectors and TT Chip 0-30 LB Boost Guage W/tubings and fittings...