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    Stock GN turbo

    Still available?
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    Wife needs a new car/suv, give me some ideas.

    I think it really depends on the ages of kids. Ours are 9, 6, and 3 and we bit the bullet and went the mini-van route with a Honda Odyssey about (5) years ago. Gotta say its been a great vehicle and worked well. The sliding doors are worth having, plus you can take their friends along pretty...
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    Junkyard Cutlass doors

    Went back and looked at them again yesterday...decided to pass on them. Weren't as clean as I hoped, still not bad if somebody really needs a set for cheap. They are at the Indy Pull-A-Part.
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    Junkyard Cutlass doors

    Think I'm going back tomorrow to pull them off and have a better look. I couldn't see any rot on them but will get a closer look before loading them into the truck.
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    Junkyard Cutlass doors

    Found a set of decent doors on a 82 Cutlass yesterday that I can pickup for about $80. Interesting enough, they are not rotted but do have very little surface rust on the bottom inside which I think would clean up nice. I was suprised to find a Cutlass in this yard, and the doors were not rotted...
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    '89 Pontiac Grand Am Turbo

    I remember them, had a friend that had one in the early 90's (an 88 Grand Am). Think he drove it past 200k with no problems other than a water pump.
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    Old School BMX'ers?

    I still have my 87 Mongonse Decade, although it needs restored now. Loved that bike, did all kinds of tricks on it, rode it everywhere, and picked up all kids of bruises/cuts with it! Most of my friends had GT Performers or Performer Pros, they were nice bikes too. One day I'll strip and...
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    Alternator & Battery question on 87 GN

    Took the battery to a battery/alternator shop, looks like the battery is good. Shop said it sounds like I lost a diode on the alternator, <40A is not probably not enough to run the car when the battery dies. Gonna take it over tomorrow to confirm, rebuild runs $65. Never had one fail like this...
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    Alternator & Battery question on 87 GN

    I've never changed the alternator since I've owned the vehicle, but do periodically check it with a voltmeter. I'm puzzled why the idiot light didn't come on, it fires up on the bulb test (key on engine off). I've had alternators die on other vehicles and the light clued me in before I got too...
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    Smells Rich, High BLM, Please check my Cross Counts & Numbers.....

    My car has a Joe Lubrant 93 chip in it and it always seemed to run rich, no matter what fp I run. Always wondered if the chip was meant for the stock injectors, even though I told them all the mods my car had. I'm actually going to put the stock chip back in today to see if I can tell a...
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    2010 Monte Carlo Nationals

    Just found out the 25th Monte Carlo Nationals are being held in my town (Richmond, IN) from June 25-27 @ the Holiday Inn. Thought I'd pass this along, in case anybody was interested. I love the 70-72 Monte's, and the 83-88 SS's, but probably wouldn't trade my Buick yet:cool: I will have the...
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    Going with Grundy unless you can talk me out of it

    I've been shopping for insurance on the GN lately too. Found Hagerty too be the most, Grundy next, and my agent actually quoted through American Modern and got a pretty decent rate. It does have a 1k annual mileage limit though, and they were eager to know about 'any modifications' and whether...
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    Can someone run a Carfax for me?

    If the carfax is for #197, can I have a copy too?
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    daily driver gas milage = Post up yours

    94 Honda Accord EX 5-speed 216k 31 MPG city 40 MPG highway For sale if anybody wants it! Need something to haul kids.
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    Class A RV Questions

    All, thanks for the info. Louie, that's a nice looking rv! Here's one similar to what I was looking at: eBay Motors: FLORIDA 99 FLEETWOOD 34D SLIDE RV A MOTORHOME 9 HOURS (item 170215510577 end time May-11-08 17:48:43 PDT) The one I'm looking at has 29k miles too, the guy is asking $27k...
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    how much truck do I need?

    I pull 7500+ lbs with my 97 Chevy Tahoe every now and then (skid loader). It will pull it ok, but I'd love to trade up for a 1-ton diesel. I've talked with others that have gone to 3.73 or 4.11 rear ends on 1/2 tons and said that helps a lot.
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    Class A RV Questions

    We are looking at Class A & Class C RV's for family camping adventures & tailgating. Seen some really nice looking Class A's for the $15-25k range for 8-10 years old, looks like gas prices have took their toll on RV's this year. We're looking to haul (5) people during outings. One question I...
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    GNX on the Speed channel

    Was the owner on another GN segment a few years ago? I too heard HP figures like 245, 300, and 280 HP on this show. Guess I wasn't expecting a very detailed coverage on the GN by watching how they cover the other vehicles, anybody notice they covered the Chrysler K-Car last week and never drove...
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    What kind of lives some GNX's had?...

    That's a very impressive collection! Lifts would probably do you a lot of good, leaving you more room for additional GNX's & TTA's! I bought a 4-post last year and its the best money I've spent on my pole barn so far. Have you thought about having a professional photographer do a shoot with...
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    GNX on the Speed channel

    I saw that from the previews last week. Was wondering if they had both a GN and a GNX? They definately had a closeup of a GNX dash, then a shot while they were driving with the t-tops out. Anybody else see that?