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    The Parts Place Bumper Fillers

    Thanks for the reply. I ordered a set of the Goodmark's.
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    The Parts Place Bumper Fillers

    Has anyone used either the OEM rubber style bumper fillers from The Parts Place? If so, how did you like them or not? I am asking because it's time for me to replace mine and I have seen the other posts on the topic that are ABS or fiberglass but did not see these others mentioned. Thanks in...
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    Best wax for GN's

    Collonite I recently tried Collonite 845. It has been around for a very long time, I think the literature says 70 years and was developed for the power transmission lines. So far I am surprised at how long it lasts even on my heavily oxidized parts yard hauler. Collinite Wax Products  ...
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    smoke em up

    Break 'em Loose from a Dead Stop My '86 GN is bone stock and has 100k miles on it and will not break loose from a dead stop. Power brake it a little and well it's fun. I do have a posi as well.
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    Grand National Emblems Blowout Deal

    Emblems I am in for a set too, thanks.
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    Front Fillers

    Fillers PM also.
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    Garrett I saw the same thing over on one of the Porsche boards. Garrett in trouble? - Pelican Parts Technical BBS
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    How to add MP3 input to stock deck ?

    Radio with MP3 Jack I am interested in this as well. I went looking for the ones on eBay, but was unable to find any today, but will keep watching.
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    NA 109 at Crazy Ray's

    This may not be the correct place for this posting, so feel free to move it to the right location. For those in the greater Washington DC area, the Crazy Ray's in Jessup, MD has an Olds Cutlass, or GP (sorry cannot remember which). It is an '86 and has the the NA block and it's all there. You...
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    Mark VIII fan install

    Fan Install I Like It, Very Nice.
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    Astro roof liner question?

    Sun Roof Slider/Shade Repair I am facing a similar problem and here is what I have found in the manual, though I admit I have not yet tackled this on my own car yet. Bill The Fisher Body Manual confirms that removal of the sunshade is possible without dropping the entire sunroof assembly...
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    fwd roller and non roller cam parts in gn motor w/pictures

    fwd roller and non roller cam parts in gn motor I just went to the yard this past weekend and found an NA block and while there also pulled the fwd roller cam retaining parts from a donor. Now I will have to find the lifters.
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    carbed 3.8L out of an 87 NA regal

    109 Block I just pulled one from an '86 Cutlass last weekend. It was a carburetor model and a 109 block.
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    86-87 stock ic,fan,manifolds,rjc biggie,rollmaster t.c.

    IC Fan I would like the IC fan if still available? Thanks.
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    Revised Parts List - 86 T-Type Parts For Sale:

    AC System I sent you a PM on the AC system. Thanks.
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    Parting out

    Running 109 Block What are you asking for the running 109 block? Thanks
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    GNX Style Dash Gauge Plate

    Pictures Please I would like pictures of them all too please.
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    DFI and Matching injectors deal

    Ecu You have PM.
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    GNX Dash Alternative

    GNX Style Dash Hello, would you be able to provide status on the dashes? Thanks, Bill
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    Perf Parts With Pics

    Trans Pan Hello, I am interested in the pan if the other guy doen't take it. Thanks.