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    Yank tc for 700r4 or 4l60

    How many miles are on it? Also does it have a part # on it? Thanks
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    Parts 4 sale

    Hello,I have a couple of parts I won't be using anymore. 1.modded ECM for low impedance injectors $215 shipped SOLD 2.83lb injectors $225 shipped 3.Trans pro chip for 83lb injectors $65 shipped 4.30lb injectors w/ matching TT 5.6 chip $175 shipped SOLD 5. engine torque strap $30 shipped...
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    Extreme budget GN build thread

    Just read all 8 pages. You did a hell of a job, Your car is awesome. Thanks for sharing your build...
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    WTB Stainless steel 3' dump pipe with cut out

    Hello, I'm looking for a stainless 3' dump pipe. Please let me know what you have please send price and pics to Thanks Pernell
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    WTB stainless dump pipe..

    Hello, I'm looking for a 3'' stainless dump pipe please let me know what you have and how much. Thanks Pernell
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    Taking the Plunge.. Twin Turbo LS

    Nice... I will be watching this build too.....
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    And so it begins.... (lsx content)

    Nice build....
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    My new setup

    Nice frame... What did it cost you to get it done? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Turbo Buick
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    stretched gta rim help

    I wanted to know where I can get a pair of gta's stretched. Also does anyone know what the process is for getting it done. I have one Rim with some rash and I wonder if the process will take care of that? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Turbo Buick
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    My buicks

    Both your rides are nice...
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    ATR rear bar $150 plus the ride

    Hello, I have a atr rear bar I would like $150 plus the ride. In the lower 48 states. Thanks Pernell
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    TPS-TEC, Magnacore wires, Autometer gauges, etc..

    Hello, Let me get a pic of the ATR cover Thanks
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    Parting Out Buick Grand National

    Hello, How much for the trans shipped to Oh,44121 Also do you have any pics Thanks
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    extra parts for sale!!!!!!

    Hello,Can you send me better pics of the boost controller? Thanks
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    new pcs from my 86 gn t top

    Car looks good.....
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    Finally took some pic's of my toy

    I remember that car.... It's real nice , can you post some pics of your doors? I would like to see how they are done..... Thanks
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    finally took turbo 6.0 to track.....

    Yes, Please tell us a little bit about your build... Internals and engine management, If you dont mind sharing some info....
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    Video of my x275 GN with procharged sb2.2 400

    That's sweet.....
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    My TSM build thread

    Nice build.... Please keep the pics coming...