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    1.55 Roller Rocker

    Sometimes going with a higher ratio rocker ain’t the best either. higher ratio rockers just raise the lift making the cam seem a few degrees bigger, but turbo engines you get all the air you need from the turbo, heads, intake,intercooler, intake manifold. if i was building a N/A engine then I...
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    1.55 Roller Rocker

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    1.55 Roller Rocker

    And I have valve spring upgrade as well brand new in box
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    1.55 Roller Rocker

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    1.55 Roller Rocker

    I have some for iron heads brand new, 1.55 rollers
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    Champion heads/intake

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    Champion heads/intake

    Looking for champion heads and intake
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    T&D roller rocker spacer issue?

    Interesting, I have some brand gn1 roller rockers for iron heads and for curiosity I just checked to see how much play was in between the spacers and it’s dosent have that much compared to yours in the video as it seems. Course these are new and not installed so I can’t comment on the actual...
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    Performance parts for sale

    I have a new pac valve spring set for iron heads ($275), brand new 1.55 roller rockers for iron heads($700), used 1.55 scorpion roller rockers for gn1 aluminum heads with new poly locks no studs or guide plates (make offer).
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    Oil Catch can 4 sale

    I’m interested
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    looking for 0.020 over pistons

    I have a gn1 kit coming and been waiting 7 months for the rest of fts kit, but I’m possibly not gonna use 20 over piston for my other build I’ll be going 30 over for my other engine with the fts kit when ever I get it
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    looking for 0.020 over pistons

    I have some 20 over but there for the fts stroker kit
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    looking for 0.020 over pistons

    For stock rods?
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    85 gn no spark

    85 gn no spark put new igntion module and coil the only thing i can think of is igntion switch right or wrong or am i missin somethin and put a different esc module in yesterday and still nothin any susgestions??
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    wat do i need to convert an 85 gn to intercooled or dose someone make a kit???

    I know someone has to make a conversion kit for sure i dont like the fact that my gn dosent have an ic and i know it will run cooler and give me more hp
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    looking for a esc module

    If anyone has one for sale i have a 85 gn my number 7853073339 or if u know where to get one or dose anyone make an after martket one
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    Parting 20+Cars with pic's PlUS 3 NEW Parts cars and New PUI seat covers

    Do u have a ecs module i have a 85 buick gn t type or my number is 7853073339