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    Frankfort Il, cruise night

    Throw the ET Rains on. ;) Ill supply some 93 for that Buick if youre ever around and want to take it for a quick rip. (when its not raining) :biggrin:
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    1967 Chevelle Malibu, BBC 496 Stroker

    Nice!! Who needs a girl if you have a car like that! :eek: :D
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    1986 Mustang GT

    Sweet 4 eye! Good lookin Hatch , wish I had the $ for it. :cool:
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    Frankfort Il, cruise night

    You drove by my house , was outside and seen it go by :D I had the yellow 2v GT for a bit and also the silver WS6 , I bought a truck now , but already have a "speed" bug , trucks just dont cut it. :(
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    1987 Turbo T- South Chicago

    Id buy it , but he told me a different price before so I just bought an '05 truck rather. Plus I cant afford 2 cars right now and something tells me this car wouldnt be that great in the snow the way Id be driving it. :D
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    Frankfort Il, cruise night

    Rick87 , did you get some new rims on your GN? Seen one drive by last night on convo pro's I think? Maybe if I buy you a tank of BP 93 you could take me for a rip in that GN down Route 6? :eek: :cool:
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    1987 Turbo T- South Chicago

    Dont lie , the new house isnt taking up time , youre just scared of getting your cars dirty or breaking them. :D Nice car , someone buy it and DRIVE it!
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    87 Turbo T Bench Seat

    :eek: I need to rob a bank!
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    Mint fast best of everything T for sale. Revised price

    That is one F'in sexy car!!! :D
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    87 white limited, 73k, lots of upgrades

    So the A/C and heat is deleted? :confused:
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    Interested in Turbo 6 around Chicago.

    I dont think Im going to find what I want with the price range Im in. :frown:
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    Interested in Turbo 6 around Chicago.

    Have $9k cash plus whatever bank would loan me on one of these cars. Just curious if theres any CLEAN T's around the Chicagoland area. Prefer hardtop and not a total junker.;)
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    WTT My 01 Regal GSX for your Turbo Buick

    $$ w/o trade? :confused:
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    1991 Jeep Cherokee

    Ive seen the vehicle , very nice for age... Also these people are almost nuts with their maintainance and cleaning schedules... :eek: :D
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    1986 T Type (White/\/\Black Out)

    Is this your car? How many miles on body? Also are you in suburbs or?? :)
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    87 GN Hardtop 55,000 miles
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    1987 Gn 21,600 miles

    Ive seen a few of your cars around , wish I could afford something like this , good luck.. :cool:
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    2002 Ford Mustang GT

    No interest? :(
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    2002 Ford Mustang GT

    Zinc yellow exterior , charcoal/black leather interior... 6 disc in dash , all options... Just under 33k miles , clean carfax available.... Stock 281 2v longblock... -Stock 3650 5 spd w/ PRO5.0 shifter -Hooker longtube headers , Hooker offroad X pipe , Magnaflow stainless catback. -Dallas...