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    wtb nice rear passanger rear floor patch panel

    looking for a nice and useable rear passenger patch panel
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    wtb atr single shot 3in

    wtb just see if there is anyone out there that has a atr single shot 3in in good shape.
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    looking for a rear passagner floor

    looking for a rt rear floor pan that I can use to repair a customer car call 636-456-4110
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    looking for a nice rt rear floor for

    looking for a nice right side rear floor call 636-456-4110
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    Wanted a built 200r4 or someone to build mine.

    I have new turbo 400 stage one for sale with trans brake from extreme automatics $1200
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    looking for a nice 3 in atr single shoot exhaust

    like the add says looking for a nice single shoot art exhaust call me 314-494-6763
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    posting for a friend barn find number 231 syclone rollor

    new price on sy 231 $1000 mines the tranfer case and windshield
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    stage 2 parts and gn frame cheap

    your buying the frame only, ready to load bring trailer
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    stage 2 parts and gn frame cheap

    1. stage 2 buick style black with lettering the says buick another pair that misc $150.00 2. Gn (frame only) asking $200.00 like it gone asap cleaning up call me at 636-456-4110
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    stage 2 buick motorsports

    value covers black set that say buick and another set spare set for $150.00
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    thinking of sell my projects as a buddle deal 86 t type tops cage and a 91 syclone and a 40 ft full

    I like to sell it as a buddle deal someone get it new price $8500 for everything
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    thinking of sell my projects as a buddle deal 86 t type tops cage and a 91 syclone and a 40 ft full

    1. I have a 86 t type cage as a rollor has t tops no rust ready for paint has aftermarket front brakes and control arms and been cage bought car for 11k back in 06 and took it apart. 2. Have 91 syclone number 231 as a project was in a small fire good rollor has trans and tranfercase as rollor no...
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    lower price on my stage 2 heads and intake and rollor rockers

    stage 2 heads and intake and t&d rocker $600.00
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    rock bottom price on stage 2 heads and other stuff

    stage 2 heads and t&d rockers, intake and 2 sets of value cover one set says buick $700 stock gn frame 200.00
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    4 sale buick stage 2 parts and gn frame

    nice stock gn frame $200.00 stage heads and t&d roller rocker and Buick value cover and intake $750.00 call me at 636-456-4110 dont text its a land line
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    stage parts and other parts like to be gone asap

    stage heads with T&d shaft rocker and intake and 2 sets of black Buick value cover $900.00 stock style factory fiberglass decklid $300.00 stock gn frame $300.00 umi control arms upper adj lower are tube syle only have 7 pass on them but car has been sitting for couple of years asking $300.00...
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    parts must sell stage heads and other parts

    gn frame $250.00 stage 2 heads complete with stage intake and T&d shaft rocker $700.00 umi rear control arms for a 8.5 rearend upper are adj and fixed lower only 7 passes on them but 2yrs old $300.00
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    parts for sale control arms and stage 2 stuff all must go

    its a dump pipe s.s not a downpipe